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fuji silver and gold toner

Fuji Xerox’s Color 1000i Production Printer First to Feature Gold and Silver Toners

February 5, 2015 – Fuji Xerox of Japan reports that it’s developed metallic gold and silver toners that can be used by its new production color printer, the Color 1000i Press, which is designed for the high-end professional printing market. Sales of the Color 1000i Press begin February 6, 2015 in Japan, and then later […]

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This Week in Imaging: Further Details on OKI’s 5-Year Warranty; HP’s Latest Financial Results; More

This newsletter is coming to you early this week because of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. Plus, it’s snowing fairly hard today in northern New Jersey, and many have the day off. (FYI, northern New Jersey is the North American headquarters for a disproportionate number of major imaging vendors, including Sharp, Konica Minolta, […]

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Top News for the Week of 8/25/2014 – New HP Instant Ink-Subscription All-in-Ones; Canon Supports Android; Latest Worldwide Printer/MFP Shipments; More

Photo credit: ecstaticist / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Cost per Page (CPP): At its most basic, CPP is the cost of imaging supplies used per standard page, including ink or toner, imaging drums, fuser units, transfer belts, etc. Why are we talking about CPP? The reason is that although […]

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Canon, Fuji Xerox, DocuWare Say Products Not Affected by Heartbleed

Canon Inc., and Fuji Xerox, both of Japan, report that they are continuing to evaluate their MFPs and printers to determine if they are vulnerable to the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL security vulnerability. So far neither firm reports that it has been affected. Canon reports: “We have been evaluating Canon products equipped with network connectivity as well […]

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New Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV C2263 N Series for Small Businesses Features Standard Cloud Connectivity

Fuji Xerox of Tokyo reports that on February 14th, it will introduce a new full-color MFP series for small offices, the DocuCentre-IV C2263 N series, which will be equipped in its standard configuration with the company’s Custom Service Expansion Kit, which enables linkage to Fuji Xerox cloud-based document-sharing and storing sites. At this time, the […]

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Hacker Steals Bank Statements off of Fuji Xerox Print Server

Reuters reports that police and Standard Chartered Plc of Singapore announced that bank statements for some 650 private banking customers were  found on the laptop of an alleged Web-site hacker in Singapore. Standard Chartered said the February 2013 monthly statements for 647 of its clients were stolen, taken from a Fuji Xerox server; Fuji Xerox […]

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Fuji Xerox Launches 20 Color MFPs, New Facial-Recognition Technology for User Authentication

Fuji Xerox is launching 20 full-color MFPs with its new ApeosPort-V C and DocuCentre-V C series, all of which will be available in the Asia-Pacific region, and 14 of which feature optional facial-recognition technology for user authentication.Calling them flagship products, Fuji Xerox says all of these 20 MFPs incorporate its latest controller software to provide […]

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Fuji Xerox Reports More Xerox MFPs Affected by Scan Bug

Fuji Xerox issued a statement on August 8th indicating that more Xerox MFPs are affected by software that may change numbers when documents are scanned, for instance, changing a 6 to an 8. As we reported earlier this week, the problem was initially reported by a German computer scientist, David Kriesel, who scanned a construction plan […]

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Fuji Xerox to Launch Industry’s First Color MFPs with a Built-In Air Purifier

Fuji Xerox of Japan reports that it will launch the first color MFPs with a build-in air purifier, the DocuCentre-IV C2263 Model P with Air Purifier and DocuCentre-IV C2263 Model PFS with Air Purifier—on September 11th. The company will be demonstrating the new MFPs at the International Modern Hospital Show 2013 being held in Tokyo. The […]

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docuprint cp400

Fuji Xerox Rolls Out A4 Color Printers with WiFi, Barcode Printing

Fuji Xerox of Japan reports that it’ll be launching new A4 color printers, the DocuPrint CP400 series, on August 19th. The firm rates the printers, which will be available in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, at up to 35 ppm in both color and monochrome, and the series consists of two models, the DocuPrint CP400 […]

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Fuji Xerox Introduces Power-Supply Option to Keep MFPs Running During Power Outages

In order to support business activities even during power outages, Fuji Xerox of Japan is launching an energy-supply option for its digital MFPs. The option – called the PS-02-FIM2200 with a built-in lithium-ion battery – was developed by third-party Toppan Printing Company.  Incorporating high-capacity batteries that can supply power and be charged at the same time, […]

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memjet print head

Fuji Xerox Releases Memjet-Powered DocuWide C842 for Japan and Asia Pacific

Fuji Xerox of Japan is introducing the Memjet-powered DocuWide C842 wide-format color printer for Japan and Asia Pacific. Targeting the large-size drawings printing market – such as construction and civil engineering  – the DocuWide C842 is rated to print A0-size sheets at 7 ppm (A0 paper size is  841 by 1,189 millimeters, or 33.1″×46.8″). Fuji Xerox […]

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fuji xerox skynote 1

Used with SkyDesk CRM, Fuji Xerox’s New PhotoNote App Enables Users to Convert Handwriting into Digital Format

Fuji Xerox of Japan is offering both free and paid versions of its new SkyDesk PhotoNote, an app that is used with the company’s cloud-based SkyDesk CRM, so that users can convert handwritten information into digital format. With SkyDesk Services, handwritten characters are digitized by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using Fuji Xerox’s proprietary character-recognition technology announced in April […]

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Fuji Xerox’s New SkyDesk Print Enables iOS Users to Print Docs Stored in SkyDesk Docs Repositories

Fuji Xerox of Japan has introduced a new free for Apple iOS mobile devices that lets users view and print files stored in their cloud-based SkyDesk Docs document repository via Fuji Xerox’s Net Print service to Fuji Xerox MFPs and printers. The app can be downloaded at the Apple iTunes store here. The SkyDesk Docs app also lets […]

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Fuji Xerox Sets up First Office-Equipment Branch in Myanmar

Fuji Xerox of Japan has set up a direct-business operation in Yangon in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, an emerging country located in Southeast Asia between India, Thailand, and Laos, and where Fuji Xerox says high economic growth is expected. The Myanmar Branch began operations on April 1st. Currently, Fuji Xerox markets MFPs […]

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Fuji Xerox to Introduce Mobile Integrated App for Android

Fuji Xerox of Japan will be expanding its solutions for mobile printing and scanning with the introduction of  its Mobile Integrated Application for Android tablets on April 10th. Mobile Integrated Application for Android, which will be available in Japan only, enables users to import documents scanned with Fuji Xerox MFPs, or images taken with their […]

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Fuji Xerox Releases Print Utility for Android for Mobile Printing

Fuji Xerox of Japan has released a free app for Android mobile users, Print Utility for Android, which enables users to print, via a wireless network, files stored in SkyDesk Docs cloud-based document-storage repositories to Fuji Xerox MFPs.  The SkyDesk Docs app for Android also enables mobile Android users to view and edit  files stored  in a […]

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content pring on touch screen

Fuji Xerox Expands Print-on-Demand Services at 7-11 Stores in Japan

If you’re ever in Japan and are lost and need a map, or you’re on the way to the track and need the day’s entries, Fuji Xerox and Seven-Eleven Japan may just  have the solution for you with a new Content Print Service embedded on Fuji Xerox color MFPs installed in 7-11 stores throughout Japan. […]

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