Epson Files Breach-of-Agreement Complaint Against Nano Over Ink-Cartridge Patent Infringement

Patent Application

For a second time, Seiko Epson Corporation has filed a complaint against Nano Business & Technology, Inc. of Lake Oswego, Oregon, involving Epson patents and ink cartridges manufactured by Nano Business & Technology that are said to infringe upon Epson patents.

Epson alleges that Nano Business & Technology has been infringing on Epson ‘917 (U.S. 6,502,917) and ‘749 (U.S. 8,794,749) patents by making, importing, and selling ink cartridges in the United States. Nano Business & Technology was selling the products online via its Web site, and on Amazon and eBay.

Epson America, Inc., Epson Portland Inc., and Seiko Epson Corporation filed the complaint  on November 22, 2016 in the Ninth Circuit for the Oregon District Court.

Nano had reached a settlement with Epson as one of several companies involved in the Epson 337-TA-946 cases closed in 2012. The joint motion to terminate the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation was submitted on June 25, 2015. Epson alleges that Nanon breached the agreement relating to the ‘917 and ‘749 patents, along with other patents, and requests Nano to pay the damages it’s said to have caused by breaching the agreement, as well as pay Epson legal fees.

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