Fuji Xerox Rolls Out 16 New Copier/MFPs that Feature Cloud Connectivity, ‘Smart Work Gateway’ Concept


Fuji Xerox Cloud Services Hub

As part of its introduction of its new Smart Work Gateway concept for office productivity, Fuji Xerox of Tokyo, Japan, has today announced 16 new copier/MFPs, consisting of eight ApeosPort-VI C and DocuCentre-VI C series MFPs. All of the new models will be available beginning December 1st in the Japan, Asia-Pacific, and China markets.

The firm says its ApeosPort-VI C and DocuCentre-VI C series MFPs are one of the components that make up its Smart Work Gateway concept, as the MFPs can connect with various Web-based cloud document-storage and sharing sites. It also says the new MFPs can also be configured and simultaneously managed with its Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console.

Cloud Service Hub

The ApeosPort-VI C and DocuCentre-VI C MFPs are integrated with Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Service Hub, a platform that links MFPs with various cloud-based document-storing services. Through the Cloud Service Hub, Fuji Xerox’s MFPs can be connected to multiple cloud services, such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Fuji Xerox Working Folder. Users can log into the cloud services with a single sign-on at the MFP, and can then scan to and save documents in the cloud, as well print documents stored in these cloud-based sites. Documents can be cross-searched across the cloud services linked to the Cloud Service Hub.

Documents stored in the enterprise content management platform Box can now be printed not only in the workplace, but also at Fuji Xerox MFPs located in convenience stores and other public places with the Fuji Xerox cloud service, Cloud On-Demand Print.

Fuji Xerox says it will also continue to strengthen its existing service with Cybozu Inc., as well as provide linkages with cloud services from Concur Japan, Ltd. and Sansan Inc.

Direct Management Console: Industry’s First Consolidated Installation of Apps to Multiple MFPs and and Easy Device Management

Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console is a free software solution that enables users to purchase, download, and install apps for Fuji Xerox MFPs from Fuji Xerox Direct, a portal site that provides Fuji Xerox’s various Internet services. Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console can be used to install apps for the following MFPs: ApeosPort-VI C7771, C6671, C5571, C4471, C3371, and C2271, and DocuCentre-VI C7771, C6671, C5571, C4471, C3371, and C2271. Apps can be installed with the drag-and-drop method.

With the Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console, which is used from a PC, administrators can also manage and configure multiple MFPs.

New MFPs

Fuji Xerox says its new Super EA Eco toner consists of toner particles that are the smallest in the industry, and that they provide smoother printing of half tones, while fusing at a temperature approximately ten degrees Celsius lower than conventional toners, thus contributing to energy-saving, as less heat is required to fuse the toner to paper.

The high-end models (ApeosPort-VI C7771/C6671, and DocuCentre-VI C7771/C6671) are said to feature improved scanning productivity, achieving 270 ppm in duplex mode. Bulk scanning of large volumes of documents is enhanced via scanning the front and back of double-sided documents in a single scan.

ApeosPort-VI C and DocuCentre-VI C Series list prices are as follows:

  • ApeosPort-VI C2271: 2,300,000 yen
  • ApeosPort-VI C3371: 2,580,000 yen
  • ApeosPort-VI C4471: 2,930,000 yen
  • ApeosPort-VI C5571: 3,280,000 yen
  • ApeosPort-VI C6671: 4,350,000 yen
  • ApeosPort-VI C7771: 4,590,000 yen
  • ApeosPort-VI C3371: 2,460,000 yen
  • ApeosPort-VI C5571: 3,160,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C2271; 1,250,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C2271: 1,850,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C3371: 1,530,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C3371: 2,130,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C4471: 2,480,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C5571: 2,830,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C6671: 3,900,000 yen
  • DocuCentre-VI C7771: 4,140,000 yen

For more information, visit Fuji Xerox here.

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