Nuance’s New OmniPage Modules and APIs Said to Provide World’s Most Accurate OCR Technology to Windows Developers

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Today, Nuance Communications announced a new OmniPage software developer kit (SDK) and server that it says provide “powerful modules and APIs” to create document-conversion and data-capture solutions. The OmniPage Capture Software Development Kit (SDK) is said to add “extraordinary new capabilities” on top of the world’s most accurate OCR (optical character recognition) technology, providing new choices and new capabilities in document-classification, document-routing, and document-processing automation to software engineers. OmniPage Server is said to be a “highly scalable, 24/7, industrial-strength” standalone server product for document conversions, or for linking business applications requiring high-volume document processing and conversion.

OmniPage Capture SDK for Microsoft Windows

Leveraging the new features and functionality of the updated Capture SDK, developers can create applications with enhanced automation tools, reducing manual verification for faster time to market.

New capabilities include:

  • Document Classifier enables developers to create applications that separate documents consisting of multiple types and apply different processing technologies to each document type. This helps businesses create automated document pre-processes, such as invoice sorting and document routing, within an organization.
  • Intelligent Workflow Runner features a new XML descriptor that defines the conversion processes with as many settings as required to produce the best possible format and OCR results from the original documents. It also includes a utility that converts OmniPage Ultimate Workflows into XML, and an API that connects into a COM Server to queue up and manage conversion jobs. Nuance says the unmatched level of automation in this feature ensures that developers don’t have to dedicate time to creating these processes on their own.
  • The Mixed Raster Content compression method to create small-sized PDF files with perfectly legible textual content has been enhanced with the latest JPEG2000 compression technology and now delivers faster, more efficient PDF creation.
  • Improved Logical Form Recognition technology with support for radio buttons and enhanced recognition of check boxes is said to enable more accurate conversion of scanned forms into fillable PDF forms.
  • Central Licensing is said to significantly increases the productivity of developing server applications with OCR capabilities. This unit can manage multiple OmniPage SDK runtimes to provide automatic scalability to server applications for high-volume document conversion processing. Also available with this new licensing are page and term-based licenses that can be tailored to meet specific business needs.
    OmniPage Server for Windows

The new OmniPage Server with APIs is said to provide developers and business process owners with a sophisticated new tool for high-volume document conversion that can be run standalone as a complete solution or connected to business-system applications for more comprehensive workflows. It’s said to be the ideal solution for organizations that want to quickly and easily create automated, watched folder conversion processes with minimal effort from their IT staff. The server also allows more sophisticated business application developers to programmatically connect to other applications further enhancing and advancing business infrastructure and processes. Features include:

  • A simple-to-use API enabling developers to integrate OCR functions into client applications which can support virtually all operating system platforms for desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Web-browser integration allowing end users to initiate conversion processes and access the results using their preferred Web browser.
  • Watched Folder support providing users the ability to quickly process scanned documents in network folders that automatically place the converted, editable, and searchable files into output sub-folders for archival or additional use in the document workflow.

The OmniPage Capture SDK 20 and OmniPage Server with APIs are said to provide developers with everything they need to add imaging, OCR, and PDF creation and conversion capabilities into applications, as well as barcode-recognition technology, intelligent character recognition, zonal recognition, and more. The OmniPage Capture SDK version 19 also features editions that support Linux and Apple Macintosh. For more information, visit Nuance here.

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