This Week in Imaging: Brexit’s Impact on the Imaging Industry; Printers as a Service

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This week – both in the imaging industry and around the world – the big news was the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. For his part, Canon CEO Fujio Mitarai expressed dismay about the decision, stating that he expects that it will set-back the global economy, as well as result in a stronger Japanese yen – and the weaker yen, as we’ve noted, has made many Japanese companies’ products more price-competitive over the last several years.

While virtually all imaging companies with U.K. regional offices are likely to be affected, as they will likely have to revamp their regional offices in order to maintain access to both the U.K. and Europe, Xerox – which aims to split into two companies by the end of the year – is said to have very high sales exposure in the U.K., according to CNBC. According to CNBC, Xerox derives some 21 percent of its revenue from the U.K., although CNBC says Xerox disputes this figures (some sources put the figure much lower). While it’s hard to say just how this will affect Xerox, the trade barriers that will likely ensue – including product tariffs and currency conversion – aren’t something that any imaging company needs at this point in time.

On the other hand, market-research firm IDC forecasts a 70-percent chance of a “challenging transition” as a result of Brexit, but states that this would likely result “with the U.K. IT spending forecast likely to (be) revised downwards by more than 2% on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) basis through to 2020, but with overall European IT spending remaining largely unaffected in this period.”

The Mopria Alliance just introduced an updated print service for mobile printing from Android devices. What’s not to like as four-out-of-five smartphones worldwide run the Android mobile operating system?

In spite of our dislike of BYOD – a scenario in which companies have an excuse to not supply their employees with communications and productivity resources while looking the other way when it comes to security – at least the latest version of the Mopria Print Service has built-in user authentication for printing.

HP is making it Device as a Service (DaaS) program available globally. In some ways, it’s very similar to the familiar managed print services programs for copier/MFPs, but it’s different in that it includes workstation PCs and tablet PCs, as well as printers. Customers pay on a monthly basis, so there’s no big upfront costs. For small and mid-size companies, HP’s competitive advantage over other MPS programs would seem to be that it covers not only printers, but PCs, including multi-vendor Microsoft, Android, and Apple devices. That would be one-and-done for many companies.

Several forward-looking companies made strategic announcements this week. HP announced enthusiastic sales for its drupa 2016 commercial- and production-printing trade show exhibit, Canon forges ahead with new and improved digital document workflow technology, and Nuance announces new PDF workflow solutions.

Generally this indicates: 1) commercial printing is where the growth is; and 2) business printing is in gradual decline, while digital create, read, send, and store is on the rise.

Legal Briefs

  • U.S. International Trade Commission to Investigate HP’s Memjet Patent-Infringement Claims – Read more here.

Office-Imaging News

  • HP Launches Device as a Service Program, Lifecycle Services, for Printers, PCs – Read more here.
  • HP Business Printers and MFPs Now Compatible with FMAudit Data-Collection for MPS – Read more here.
  • Canon CEO ‘Dismayed’ by U.K.’s Exit from European Union – Read more here.
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Commercial- and Production-Printing News

  • HP Inc. Reports ‘Best drupa Ever’ – Read more here.

People News

  • Carl Icahn Adds Christodoro to Xerox Board of Directors – Read more here.

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