New Ricoh MH5220 Inkjet Print Head for Industrial Printing

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Ricoh’s new MH5220 inkjet print head for industrial printing.

Ricoh USA is introducing the MH5220, a new inkjet print head for industrial printing. The MH5220 is designed for a wide range of printing applications, such as label printing, package printing, and wide-format graphics, and will be commercially available this summer.

The firm says that in the industrial printing market for labels, packaging, and wide-format graphics, there’s “increasing demand” to meet a wide variety of customer needs such as smaller lot sizes, shorter delivery times, and finer image quality, and that digital printing can provide deliver greater flexibility and productivity.

Key capabilities of the new Ricoh MH5220 inkjet print head include:

  • With 1,280 nozzles configured in 4 x 320 nozzles, Ricoh says the print head achieves high resolution without a granular appearance of ink dots, and is also capable of printing 1,200 dpi resolution with multiple print heads in a staggered configuration.
  • Multi ink-drop capability allows the creation of a range of ink-drop sizes from 2.5 to 9pl. (note that with multi ink-drop technology, ink drops are ejected in rapid succession, then merge in flight before reaching the media surface).
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and extended service life.
  • Built-in heater, capable of jetting high-viscosity inks.
  • Compatible with UV durable ink for label printing.

The new MH5220 print head’s specifications include:


Piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate

Print width

54.1mm (2.1″)

Number of nozzles

1,280 (4 x 320 channels), staggered

Nozzle spacing

1/150″ (0.1693mm) /

Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance)

A : 0.93mm B : 9.31mm

Compatible ink


Total printhead dimensions 

89mm(W), 64.2mm(D), 24.7mm(H)

3.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″  (No cable)



Max. number of colour inks

2 colours

Operating temperature range

Up to 60℃

Temperature control

Integrated heater and thermistor


100 billion actuations per nozzle

Jetting frequency


Drop volume

2.5pl (single drop)、2.5~ 9pl  (multi drop)

Viscosity range


Surface tension


Gray scale

4 levels

Ink port


Alignment pin direction

Front (standard)

Separately sold parts

MH5220 dedicated cable

Note: Results obtained from continuous jetting test using standard Ricoh test ink. Specifications are subject to change due to the manufacturer’s continuous development program.

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