New Ricoh Electronic Data Exchange Automates Capture and Storage of Diverse Healthcare Information


Ricoh Americas today announced Ricoh Electronic Data Exchange (Ricoh EDE), a subscription-based workflow solution that enables healthcare facilities to capture, store, and manage protected healthcare information, whether structured or unstructured, within an Electronic Health Record (EHR) or enterprise content management (ECM) system, eliminating employees having to manually identify and transfer images, thus reducing human error and boosting accuracy and efficiency. Ricoh also introduced Asset Lifecycle Management for Healthcare, a solution that helps hospitals simplify the management of print and other IT managed devices, while helping identify compliance risks (see below for more).

According to Ricoh, within the healthcare acute-care market, healthcare facilities are faced with implementing new and emerging protocols, and integrating various disparate systems and architectures. The capturing of the information can begin at an MFP, with cameras used in clinical areas such as wound care and dermatology, or even via an interactive whiteboard. Traditionally, the firm notes, manual transfer and storing of this captured data was required, but with Ricoh EDE, this transfer process is automatically managed through Ricoh’s workflow server and data and images delivered to an EHR and/or ECM based on the direction of the physician or administrator validating the data.

The firm notes that, according to a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) Health Insights study commissioned by Ricoh, only 10 percent of healthcare organizations enable document capture using smartphones and tablets’ built-in cameras. Additionally, more than 80 percent of hospitals report opportunities to more tightly integrate workflows.

Asset Lifecycle Management for Healthcare

Ricoh Americas also released its Asset Lifecycle Management for Healthcare, a solution that helps hospitals simplify the management of print fleets and other IT managed devices, while helping identify compliance risks. This new solution leverages Information-as-a-Service offerings from Symphion, Inc. designed for print, IT and compliance. By using Asset Lifecycle Management for Healthcare’s automated scanning, device discovery, and predictive analytics, Ricoh says IT management can make more informed decisions that can help reduce device, labor, and other IT costs, while at the same time manage infrastructure risks

The firm notes that in the United States, hospitals are challenged with improving efficiency and reducing costs while striving to comply with federal mandates associated with HIPAA security requirements and meaningful use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). It notes that a recent IDC study commissioned by Ricoh shows that capturing, transforming, and managing data has a positive impact on hospitals’ revenue (66.7 percent) and profitability (58.6 percent).

Ricoh says its Asset Lifecycle Management for Healthcare provides hospitals with these benefits:

  • Software toolset and agent-less asset scanning that identifies and reports on hardware and software issues on a hospital’s network, reducing time required to manually track and confirm information.
  • Dedicated Ricoh personnel who provide services and support, regular systematic reporting, on-demand reporting, and automated monitoring and alerts that allow providers to adapt to changes.
  • Enterprise-wide assessment process that collects and analyzes information about print assets and service, IT inventories, configurations, operations, and vulnerabilities in a Microsoft Windows fleet to help reduce system downtime.
  • IT, compliance, and print information monitoring.
  • Automated reporting on software titles to help ensure only software that’s needed and being used is ordered or gets a license extension.
  • Reporting on and management of print devices and analysis of print costs, usage, and uptime trends.
  • Automatic capture of network asset information to reduce manual tasks.

Ricoh is currently demonstrating Ricoh EDE and Asset Lifecycle Managementat the HIMSS 2016 conference.  For more information on the company’s solutions for healthcare, visit Ricoh here.

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