This Week in Imaging: Hollywood and Printing; Another ‘Copier’ Company Goes 3D


Photo credit: Kathy Wirth

With news this week from Toshiba, the question isn’t which 2D printer/copier companies are developing 3D printers, but which aren’t? So far, HP Inc. Canon, Epson, Ricoh, and this week, Toshiba, all have a 3D printer in the works, while Konica Minolta has been serving as a sales channel for partner 3D Systems’ 3D printers for some time.

We’ve talked a lot in this newsletter about expanding print opportunities, especially in production and commercial printing (such as textile printing), but here’s a rather unique digital-printing opportunity. Did you know that many of the backgrounds for various popular television shows are actually digitally printed?

For instance, for over 20 years, Rosco Company in California has been digitally printing backgrounds for many television programs. The programs themselves are shot in typically elaborate Los Angeles studios, but what the viewer sees when “looking out the window” is often digitally printed. Roscoe even prints a day image on one side and a night image on the other side of its prints, as shown in the image below:

Rosco has printed backgrounds for many television programs, including CIS, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and John Adams, shown below:

John Adams‘ historically accurate printed background, circa the late 1770s in the United States.

Outside of the offices of Mad Men is a Rosco printed background depicting 1960s-era New York.

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