Epson Seeking to Have Faster, More Precise Volume Manufacturing 3D Printer on the Market in About Five Years

epson president

Seiko Epson President Minoru Usui

While three major imaging vendors – HP Inc., Canon, and Ricoh – have all introduced a 3D printer, or have one in their pipeline – another imaging vendor, Seiko Epson, also has a 3D printer in the works.

In an interview with Business Today, Seiko Epson President Minoru Usui said that Epson won’t develop consumer 3D printers, which he thinks have limited appeal. Instead, Usui said that just as Espon has focused on inkjet, rather than laser, printing, it will focus on developing 3D printers for volume manufacturing.

However, Usui noted that he sees three major limitations to manufacturing 3D printers currently on the market today: limited range of materials that can be used with the 3D printers, slow print speed, and limited accuracy in building 3D objects.

“So we are looking to make dramatic increases and improvements in all these three areas to produce a printer that can be used in manufacturing situations,” Usui told Business Today.

The Epson president said that while Epson doesn’t have a 3D printer on the market now, it’s conducting “basic developments on the R&D side and hope to have something in four to five years.”

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