Our Testing Reveals that HP Printer Inks Do Not ‘Dry Out’


  • Set-up the HP test printers with OEM ink and standardized media.
  • Print, log, and file print samples.
  • Power-off printers and store them with installed print media in a conditioned environment (conditioning period was from 3/27/2015 to 9/25/2015).
  • After 90 and 180 days of non-use, power-on the appropriate group of printers in the conditioned environment and produce a second suite of test pages.
  • Compare printed output to the out-of-box prints and note any print anomalies.
  • If necessary, attempt to alleviate any print anomalies using recommended printer-cleaning and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Results will be considered “Pass” if print quality is restored to out-of-box standards within three (3) cleaning cycles.
  • Results will be considered “Fail” if print quality is not restored to out-of-box standards after three (3) cleaning cycles.

For more unboxing, setup and installation videos that are related to this test, click or tap here.


HP Ink Type
HP Printer Tested/Print Head Type90-Day Test Results180-Day Test Results
46 BlackInk Advantage 2020hc/IPHPassFail
46 ColorPassPass
61 BlackDeskjet 1010/IPHPassFail
61 ColorPassPass
62 BlackEnvy 5660/IPHPassPass
62 ColorPassPass
95 BlackOfficejet 100 Mobile/IPHPassFail
98 ColorPassFail
564 BlackPhotoSmart 6520/IPHPassPass
564 ColorPassPass
678 BlackInk Advantage 2545/IPHPassFail
678 ColorPassPass
932 BlackOfficejet Pro 6700/IICPassPass
933 ColorPassPass
934 BlackOfficejet Pro 6830/IICPassPass
935 ColorPassPass
950 BlackOfficejet Pro 8610/8620/IICPassPass
951 ColorPassPass
970 BlackOfficejet Pro X451dw/IICPassPass
971 ColorPassPass
980 BlackOfficejet Pro Enterprise X555dn/IICPassPass
981 ColorPassPass

4 Responses

  1. Jason Hall says:

    I will tell you that I had an HP OfficeJet 7500A that had been powered down since March 2014 that I brought back online 2 weeks ago (Sept 2016) and the printer inks did not need to be cleaned or replaced after nearly 2.5 years of sitting in my garage. HP Original InkJet inks are bar none the best on the market.

  2. Michael says:

    I purchased a new HP OfficeJet 8710 38 days ago. I ınstalled the new color cartidges that came with the printer. I printed 2 pages with a few paragraphs of text. Today I tried to print two color half pages. The first page printed with incorrect color balance and before the second page printed, INK SUPPLY> LOW error now prevents printer from printing. I checked ink level and printer shows no color ink present

  3. Michael says:

    UPDATE: HP OfficeJet 8710. Ink did NOT dry out. Not sure why the error appeared but working fine now. Two hours later I tried again and printer now shows full ink jet and printing normally. So, I am okay with my HP.

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