EFI Wins Patent-Infringement Lawsuit Filed by Componex

US Patent and Trademark Office[1]Electronics For Imaging (EFI) says it’s achieved “victory” in a patent-lawsuit filed against it in June 2013. Componex, Inc. sued EFI at that time, alleging that EFI infringed on two of its patents: U.S. 6,113,059 and U.S. 6,685,076. EFI maintained from the start that the lawsuit was meritless, and, in October 2014, a Wisconsin federal district court agreed.

The court invalidated one of the two patents and found that EFI did not infringe upon the other. The court then entered judgment entirely in EFI’s favor and ordered Componex to pay some of of EFI’s costs. On October 16, 2015, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Componex’s appeal in a one-word opinion.

“At EFI we are proud to bring innovative solutions to our customers at competitive prices,” commented EFI General Counsel Alex Grab. “Componex chose a different path. Rather than responding to lower prices from its competitors, Componex filed a meritless lawsuit against one of its own customers, us. We are pleased that the courts agreed with our positions, and will continue to defend ourselves vigorously against anyone who chooses litigation over competition in the market.”

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