New Fuji Xerox ‘Innovation Office’ R&D Group to Explore New Solutions for Solving Business Challenges

Mt. Fuji, JapanFuji Xerox of Tokyo reports that it’s setting up a new research group that’ll be located in Singapore. Called “Innovation Office,” it’ll begin full-scale operation on October 1st. As Fuji Xerox’s new research base for the Asia-Pacific region, Innovation Office will aim to quickly correspond to global customer needs, and will collaborate with Fuji Xerox’s existing two research facilities, Japan’s Fuji Xerox R&D Square in Yokohama and the FX Palo Alto Laboratory in the United States, by conducting research with a mid- to long-term perspective, and ultimately commercializing them.

Innovation Office will aim to deliver technologies that resolve customers’ business challenges through working closely with customers and partner companies in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan. Fuji Xerox researchers and technical staff in Japan who specialize in areas such as image-processing and text-analysis will be assigned to commercialize new technology by developing specific solutions and services for customers.

Fuji Xerox will also create a “virtual showcase,” which will be a three-dimensional (3D) modeling of some of the research activities taking place at Fuji Xerox’s R&D locations in Japan, the United States, and Singapore. Visitors at the three locations will be able to see the latest research being conducted under a long-term perspective at FX Palo Alto Laboratory, such as Multimedia Processing and Computer-human Interaction Technology, as well as global case studies reflecting the localities of the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan and Singapore. The virtual showcase will incorporate Fuji Xerox’s multimedia technology and remote-communications technology, allowing its customers and research staff working remotely in Japan, Silicon Valley, and Singapore to jointly see the technology.

To date, Fuji Xerox has promoted R&D focusing on solving customers’ business challenges at its main R&D site in Japan, Fuji Xerox R&D Square, while working with FX Palo Alto Laboratory that conducts advanced researches in  Silicon Valley.

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