This Week in Imaging: Printer and MFP/Copier Security Isn't Just for Large Enterprises

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Call it “trickle down” if you will, but we’re increasingly seeing features and benefits found in A3 11″x17″ copier/MFPs trickling down to A4 8.5″x14″ MFPs. These have included more expansive touch screens, open platforms for adding solutions for document-processing, and device management, faster and more efficient document scanning, and more.

More recently, we’ve seen security come to the A4 MFP – many of which are typically marketed at small and mid-size businesses and cost-conscious enterprises that realize they don’t need a more-expensive A3 MFP in every locationWhile it’s often perceived that large enterprises need only beware of MFPs and printers as potential security breaches, small and mid-size business need to be just as well aware. As, of course, it’s not just large enterprises that need to be aware of the important legal and financial damages that can occur from security breaches. Small businesses are just as vulnerable as large ones when information such as trade secrets, salaries, credit-card information, health information, etc. is accessed by those up to no good.  A good example is your family doctor who must comply with a host of expanding HIPAA patient-privacy regulations.

Recently, both Hewlett-Packard and Samsung introduced A4 MFPs and printers with more extensive security provisions – although HP’s new devices have by far the most extensive security portfolio – including white-listing (which ensures that only known, good firmware can be loaded and executed on a printer – something also implemented in various Xerox MFPs). For their part, the new Samsung printer and MFP provide a new method of user authentication: via swiping an NFC-enabled mobile device, and access to them can be restricted via Samsung’s Secure Login Manager.

As more and more customers connect printers and MFPs to the Internet, security risks will likely grow (as the FBI warned recently) for all printers and MFPs, A3 and A4 alike. We’ve already had instances of hackers sending malicious emails via an MFP, disguised as emails from the device. There’s no quick and easy solution for these kinds of attack, but the most important thing is fundamental – make sure that the wired and wireless networks that the MFP is attached to are protected by state-of-the-art security. If hackers can’t breach the local network, they cannot reach the MFP.

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