Canon Expo 2015: Canon Previews Secure MFP, Mobile Printing, imageRUNNER ADVANCE Z, 3D-Printer Prototype, More


Image of New York City captured and printed with Canon video technology.

Last week in New York City, Wirth Consulting visited Canon Expo 2015, the once-every-five-years Canon tech extravaganza that’s held in major cities such as New York City, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The expo showcases some of the most mind-blowing futuristic technology from Canon labs – such as the mixed-reality exhibit pictured below. We of course focused on primarily on printing and digital imaging – which sounds a bit tame, but actually wasn’t. For starters, how about an MFP that senses when you and your smartphone are approaching it and only prints your print job when you’re in front of it?  Read on for more.

mixed reality

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Generation Z, Secure-Printing, Mobile-Printing Previews

enterprise sign

In its Enterprise area, Canon previewed several interesting new solutions for secure and mobile printing, as well as a secure MFP, and a next-generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE Z platform with tablet-like touch screen.

Key technology that Canon is focusing on is technology for securing the MFP, so that only authorized and authenticated users can use the MFP, and securing documents. This involves bio-authenticating the user – via facial recognition, iris authentication, and even, might eventually involve reading and authenticating via the vein patterns in a user’s hand (as a representative of Canon partner Fujitsu explained to us, vein-pattern reading is one of the most reliable authentication methods). For instance, with one solution to authenticate users, as shown in the diagram below, the user sends a print job, goes to the MFP, and takes a photo of themselves with their mobile phone; the photo is then sent to a database where it’s matched with the user, and the user is then able to log in at the control panel, locate their print job, and print it.

bio authentication and MFPs

Canon’s prototype facial authentication (and scanned original/confidential print pick-up reminder) is aimed at preventing leaks of confidential information – whether financial, medical, etc. – caused by human error (for instance, a user forgets to pickup a scanned original containing names and Social Security numbers at the MFP, or neglects to pick up a confidential print job). This facial authentication technology links with partner Oracle’s event-processing technology to provide real-time analysis. Similarly, another demo was focused on securing the MFP so that only authorized users can use it, via a video camera, stationed above the MFP, that monitors users.

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