Canon Rolls Out imagePRESS C10000VP Series with 1.5-Million Page Monthly Duty Cycle

Canon imagePRESS c10000vpCanon U.S.A. is rolling out the imagePRESS C10000VP production-printer series, which it says brings it into a higher print-volume segment with monthly duty cycle of up to 1.5 million letter-size pages, and which it also says provides offset-level print quality and color-consistency. Canon also launched PRISMAdirect, a new production-print workflow solution (see below).

Junichi Yoshitake, senior vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A.’s Business Imaging Solutions Group, says the imagePRESS C10000VP not only brings Canon into a higher print-volume segment, but also creates the strongest digital-color production-printer lineup Canon has ever offered.

Canon rates print speed for at up to 100 ppm (letter-size) for the imagePRESS C10000VP, and at up to 80 ppm (letter-size) for the imagePRESS C8000VP media. Both systems can accept media weights up to 350 gsm. The two new production printers are designed for commercial printers, in-plants, and transaction and direct-mail service providers alike.

Features of note include:

  • 2,400 x 2,400 dpi resolution, real-time, automatic color control and adjustments, more accurate calibration using new inline spectrophotometric sensors, and Canon’s Gloss Optimization technology to help match gloss levels of the printed image to the substrate it is printed on.
  • Dual-fixing technology to maintain print speeds of up to 100 ppm on all supported media weights, serviceability improvements and extensive key operator maintenance.
  • Wide range of media support from 60 gsm (uncoated) and 70 gsm (coated) up to 350 gsm, as well as support for textured media and supported specialty media including vellum, film, and synthetics, the latter of which is made possible through the transfer-efficiency of the Series’ CV toner, all of which results in an expanded array of print products imagePRESS users can produce.
  • Broad in-line finishing portfolio, including both Canon and select third-party document finishers, as well as a new professional creasing module for improving the appearance of half-folded leaflets and saddle-stitched booklets and in general, a white-paper-in, finished-product-out workflow.
  • Streamlined workflow support and integration is powered by a choice of the latest PRISMAsync Color Print Server and EFI Fiery-based imagePRESS Servers with new Fiery FS200 Pro System.

Both of the new systems may be integrated with Océ PRISMAprepare professional make-ready solution, PRISMAdirect job submission, order and workflow management solution, and supported third-party workflows.

The imagePRESS C10000VP Series will be available in November 2015 through Canon authorized dealers and Canon Solutions America.

New EFI Fiery Print Servers

Both of the new production printers may also be paired with just-launched Fiery digital front ends (DFEs) from partner Electronics for Imaging (EFI). The new Canon imagePRESS Servers B5000 and B4000 are powered by proprietary EFI application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) with RIPChip technology.

Building on a set of CIP4-certified EFI Fiery JDF capabilities, EFI says users can seamlessly connect the servers with other JDF-based devices, as well as establish fully automated, bi-directional communication and integration with EFI’s MIS/ERP and Web-to-print products. Users can also use the Fiery API to develop custom apps and tools, such as requesting job-log data, controlling job actions, retrieving print status, and more.

EFI’s new imagePRESS Server B5000 is the first imagePRESS server to support EFI Fiery HyperRIP, an advanced RIP technology. Fiery HyperRIP uses four parallel processors to boost “RIPing” (raster image processing) performance by processing a single job or multiple jobs up to 55-percent faster compared to RIPing time without HyperRIP. A new Rush RIP mode opens up a fifth RIP to process rush jobs when all four main parallel processors are busy.

The imagePRESS Server B5000 also features advanced pre-press and make-ready tools from the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, including automated color adjustment between similar jobs using custom color curves and a new WYSIWYG interface to edit control bars, provididng more control over placement and content.

Both the imagePRESS Server B5000 and B4000 feature a new “unity display” external monitor that enables users to switch between EFI Fiery Command WorkStation workflow screens and the imagePRESS control panel. Operators gain access to control the job queue and can select media, review job previews, as well as make print-engine quality adjustments.

EFI says operators can also better plan and prioritize print jobs by organizing and grouping jobs with similar characteristics in Command WorkStation’s job-management interface. EFI’s Fiery Impose and Compose software are available for advanced document imposition, tab insertion, pagination, and assembly. Print-service providers can also increase efficiency with the automation benefits of the Web-browser-based Fiery JobFlow Base software.

“EFI designed the Fiery FS200 Pro platform to handle our partners’ fastest, high-image quality, color-intensive print engines, and we are very excited to have our award-winning technology drive these new flagship production devices in the Canon imagePRESS line,” commented Toby Weiss, EFI Fiery senior vice president and general manager.

New PRISMAdirect for Enhancing Workflow Automation

Canon U.S.A. also launched PRISMAdirect, a workflow solution designed to simplify print-job order intake, facilitate order management, reduce overhead costs, and enable faster turnaround time. It features various automated, processes from job submission to order fulfillment, and provides an order-management dashboard and an optional Web shop module.

Features of note include:

  • Automating time-consuming steps:  for businesses that receive recurring orders, the PRISMAdirect solution provides prepared settings, helping to eliminate repetitive procedures.
  • To help ensure the continuous flow of communication between print-service provider and client, the solution allows businesses to update customers regarding the status of their orders via personalized or automatic emails.
  • Provides reporting and accounting.
  • Able to acquire orders from a variety of sources, PRISMAdirect combines job submission and order-fulfillment in one centralized solution. Whether customers submit orders in the form of an email, USB drive, hard copy, via network folder, FTP folder, uniFLOW, or a supported Web shop, PRISMAdirect provides a a unified channel to help process incoming print and non-print orders.

The solution comes standard with an print-job order processing and management dashboard. The optional Web shop provides an online purchasing portal for buyers, allowing them to submit purchase orders for both print and non-print items 24/7. PRISMAdirect users may create an unlimited number of virtual storefronts, and modify each one to reflect the print provider’s or print buyer’s individual corporate identity.

Simplified Order Management

The order processing and management dashboard provides two views, the order view and job view:

The order view provides detailed progress status information, allowing users to manage the workflow of orders from creation to finalization.
The job view provides a clear overview of all jobs and connected printers, allowing operators to preview, edit production settings, and process jobs assigned to them.
Canon says the make-ready process can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of production-print work, but that PRISMAdirect provides standard imposition templates. For more elaborate page programming, the solution is designed to integrate with Océ PRISMAprepare solution, an all-in-one make-ready solution that helps accelerate preparation from composition through production, and reduce costly and non-chargeable print-preparation time. PRISMAdirect also provides page-level editing in third-party PDF-based applications such as Adobe Creative Suite without leaving the PRISMA application.

PRISMAdirect is compatible not only with Canon production-printing systems but with other third-party printers that accept PDF files, making it compatible with mixed-brand print fleets.

The PRISMAdirect solution is scheduled to be available in October 2015 through Canon authorized dealers and Canon Solutions America.

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