New Xerox Ad Campaign, ‘Work Can Work Better,’ Focuses on IT and Insight to Make Work Easier

Operational efficiency is top priority for businesses and governments, and at major events like the U.S. Open. Today, Xerox launched a new brand strategy – Work Can Work Better – to highlight how organizations can stay on top of their game.

New Xerox print ad.

Xerox is launching a new brand strategy with the logo “Work Can Work Better.” According to the firm, the new brand platform describes what’s possible when business solutions are designed around both new technology and human insights.

“The business environment is complicated and noisy,” commented Xerox CEO and Chairman Ursula Burns. “Our customers look to us to simplify their business processes and develop solutions that improve their operations and performance.”

John Kennedy, Xerox vice president and chief marketing officer, added, “The technology choices available to address business problems continue to expand. Clients need practical solutions that address the way people, business processes and technology intersect for real business outcomes.”

Xerox’s new brand strategy takes a human-centric view of the benefits made possible when “work works better” and is supported with new advertising and digital campaigns.

Xerox will initially lead its new advertising campaign with two 30-second television spots describing how Xerox works behind the scenes to manage business processes and improve how work gets done. Four subsequent spots dive deeper into specific industry issues and the company’s perspective on customer care, human resources, healthcare and transportation.

Other media will include six print ads, the first of which will debut this Sunday at the U.S. Open tennis tournament. The print ads will also appear in airports and in digital advertising.

The firm also says it’s redesigned its Web site,, to be “content and social driven,” enabling engagement from any device. It includes stories that highlight Xerox clients and their industries in a personalized and user-centric way.

The advertising campaign will launch in the United States, and shortly thereafter in the United Kingdom, with a phased global roll-out of the new Web site.

See Xerox’s new television ad Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me here.

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