Dubai Police Seize Two Million Fake HP Ink Cartridges

Counterfeit HP Toner Cartridgesd-by-authorities1The Gulf News reports that Dubai police seized two million fake toner cartridges worth Dhs147,000 (approximately U.S. $40,000.000) that were illegally on sale. The boxes were hidden at two warehouses in Ajman in the United Arab Emirates and at a home in a residential area. Dubai police also seized fake HP ink cartridges earlier this year in March and May.

The seizure, which was called “The Blue Ink “ by Ajman Police, was reported on August 25th by Brigadier Sheikh Sultan Abdallah Al Nuaimi, the head of Ajman Police. He noted that the gang, which was made up of three Chinese people, were selling fake HP ink cartridges at lower prices compared to the actual market price.

Al Nuaimi commented: “We received a tip-off from Abdel Rahman Ferdan, the HP lawyer, who notified the police that forged copies of ink were being sold at lower prices. We immediately launched a probe to arrest the suspects and to seize the forged quantity of ink.”

Al Nuaimi also noted that investigations revealed the identity of the three Chinese suspects who were out of the country at the time of the arrest. The Ajman Police Chief said, “After completing all legal procedures and attaining the approval of the public prosecution, we raided the two warehouses in Al Jarf Industrial Area and a flat located in Al Rowda area, where the ink was stored in boxes.  The huge quantity of forged ink copies were impounded. We have issued a memo to Interpol to arrest the suspects who had rented the warehouses and the flat where the ink boxes were stored.”

Dubai police will destroy the ink cartridges after attaining the public prosecution’s approval.

However, Al Nuaimi noted that such commercial fraud cases are not very common. He thanked HP for swiftly reporting the duplication of their products, and also noted, “We have confirmed that the confiscated quantity was forged. We are urging consumers to report any duplicate copy of any item, instead of buying it. Many consumers prefer buying cheap duplicate copies rather than buying genuine copies. However they do not address their minds to the fact that a cheaper product is made of low quality materials that can jeopardise their health.”

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