First-Quarter Income Down for Epson, but Printer Revenue Remains Healthy

Epson Connect 1Seiko Epson of Tokyo has reported results for its first quarter ending June 30, 2015, with revenue up 6 percent to 260 billion yen versus the same quarter a year ago, but net income down 58 percent to 19 billion yet, versus 47 billion yen for the same quarter a year ago.

In its first quarter, revenue for Epson’s Printing Solutions group was up 12.0 percent to 171.8 billion yen, versus the previous quarter a year ago, but down slightly from the previous quarter’s net revenue of 185.0 billion yen.

Within the Printing Solutions group for the first quarter, revenue for high-capacity inkjet models was up, as was revenue for their supplies. Together, revenue for high-capacity inkjet models, their supplies, and serial dot-matrix printers was up 10.4 percent versus the same quarter a year ago. Revenue for large-format printers and point-of-sale printers was “solid,” with revenue for this group up 4.8 percent versus the same quarter a year ago. Altogether, however, profits from its Printing Solutions group were not as high as expected by Epson, resulting in lower profit and net income.

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