This Week in Imaging: Toshiba Overstates Profits; From Copiers to Robots; Lexmark Job Cuts; HP Grows Instant Ink Base; More

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While we’re used to accounting scandals and overstated earnings in the United States, it was quite a shock to learn about the Toshiba accounting scandal. Under pressure stemming from the 2008 global economic crisis, the highly respected 140-year-old company had overstated earnings by some $1.2 billion over the last several years. We’ve tested numerous Toshiba products over the decades and they were always solid performers and a solid investment. That said, those involved have apologized and resigned, Toshiba promises a full disclosure, and hopefully it can put this behind it.

The HP Instant Ink program is making a bit of a splash both in the field and in our home, with HP reporting that, for instance, the ink-cartridge subscription program is growing its customer base faster even than Netflix. We’re rooting for its success so that it hammers home the point that hardware sellers don’t have to rely on “the razor/blades” business model, leasing programs, or monthly service contracts in order to profit by selling something as apparently simple as ink cartridges.

Meanwhile, Canon is blasting with both barrels blazing by rapidly expanding it solutions portfolio and releasing great new hardware. Let me tell you that if you ever had the opportunity to get your hands on one of those Canon imagePROGRAF large-format printers (like we did a few years back) you’ll find that they are pretty darn amazing.

Finally, boo-hoo. Somebody couldn’t get HP Smart Install to work so they’re off whining and consorting with the trial lawyers. Think about it – how many times have you had problems with tech hardware? If so, did you work your way through it or call your lawyer on the speed-dial? Also, these generally low-end HP LaserJet printers require Internet access in order for Smart Install to do its thing. I mean, just download the installation software or order physical media (CD/DVD/USB) already and put a cork in it – it’s not worth clogging up the courts over. Anyway, we suspect that HP will eventually be forced to pay up and ‘fess up to something or other because of legal costs and pressures.

Feature Story

  • New HP Sprout 3D Scanner with Dremel 3D Printer Bundle is End-to-End 3D Design System – Read more here.

Financial News

  • Major Accounting Scandal Rocks Toshiba; CEO, Other Executives Resign  – Read more here.
  • Revenue Flat for Lexmark, Announces Restructuring Plan and 500 Job Cuts – Read more here.
  • EFI Reports Record Revenue of $203 Million, Net-Income Gains – Read more here.

Office-Imaging News

  • Konica Minolta Expands ECM Offerings with Acquisition of Various Hershey Technologies Assets – Read more here.
  • HP: More than Half-a-Million Customers Subscribing to its Instant Ink Ink-Cartridge Subscription Program – Read more here.
  • Canon’s New Therefore 2015 Features New Analytics Tool, Customizable Access Option – Read more here.

Other News

  • From Copiers to Robots – Konica Minolta Launches Robot Pilot Program for Hotels – Read more here.

Commercial- and Production-Printing News

  • New Large-Format imagePROGRAF iPF850/840/830 Printers, New Media Portfolio, from Canon – Read more here.
  • Konica Minolta to Begin Mass Production of New Commercial, Industrial Inkjet Print Heads Next Spring – Read more here.

Legal Briefs

  • HP Customer Files Lawsuit, Says Certain Printers Can’t Download Software for Smart Install – Read more here.

Managed Print Services

  • PrintFleet and Katun Form MPS Partnership – Read more here.

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