New HP Sprout 3D Scanner with Dremel 3D Printer Bundle is End-to-End 3D Design System

sprout with 3d printer

Last month, Hewlett-Packard launched a new end-to-end consumer 3D design-and-printing solution that consists of Sprout by HP, the world’s first computer with fully integrated desktop 3D scanner, with Dremel’s 3D Idea Builder 3D printer. MSRP for the bundle, which is available here, is $2,699. Using the system, users will be able to scan an object in 3D, redesign the object or add new elements, and then print it in 3D using Dremel’s 3D printer. New Age Electronics, a distributor of consumer electronics and gaming products, also announced yesterday that it will distribute the Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D printer and HP Sprout to select consumer-electronics retailers.


HP’s Sprout 3D scanning and design system.

HP’s Sprout (shown above) incorporates a 3D camera and scanner, and provides various software tools and applications activated by a touch screen that sits on the user’s desktop and below the computer’s display. Objects can be scanned by placing them on the touch screen, and once scanning is complete, the resulting high-resolution, full-color digital file can be manipulated directly on the screen.

dremel 3d printer

Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D printer.

The desktop Dremel 3D printer, which can be purchased separately for $999, features a full-color 3.5″ touch screen, and fully enclosed work space. It prints layers as thin as 0.004″, and maximum build size is 9″ x 5.9″ 5.5″ (230 mm x 150 mm x 140 mm).

For more information on the HP Sprout and Dremel 3D-printer bundle, visit HP here.

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Pretty, pretty darn cool.

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