Konica Minolta to Begin Mass Production of New Commercial, Industrial Inkjet Print Heads Next Spring

industrial inkjetKonica Minolta of Tokyo announced today that it’s developed three new industrial inkjet print heads that use its independently developed MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technologies. The firm expects to start mass production of the inkjet print heads, which are compatible with aqueous, solvent, and oil inks, in the spring of 2016.

According to the firm, its new inkjet print heads, which are designed for industrial, commercial, and label inkjet-printing applications, deliver higher resolution, higher accuracy, and more enhanced jet characteristics than existing print heads.

Major features include:

  • High-density inkjet-nozzle array print head – Konica Minolta’s independently developed MEMS technologies have enabled 1,024 nozzles to be arrayed in a high-density three-dimensional design.
  • Improved ink resistance and wide viscosity for matching various industrial inks – Based on Konica Minolta’s material technologies and highly heat-resistant design, the new print heads are said to have improved ink resistance, ranging from low-viscosity inks (aqueous inks) to high-viscosity inks (including UV inks and solvent inks), and are compatible with virtually every industrial ink.
  • As the new print heads can print with higher resolution than existing products, the firm says they may also be used for commercial and label printing, which require higher resolution.
  • Ideal for making compact, high-resolution printers – As the inkjet nozzle integration has made the print heads very compact, they can help printer manufacturers design more compact printers.

ink jet specs

Konica Minolta, which has been researching and developing industrial inkjet-printing technologies for more than 30 years, says industrial inkjet printing has been rapidly expanding its scope of applications, ranging from commercial and graphic printing, to digital textile printing, and ceramic printing. Its research is aimed at addressing technical challenges such as higher resolution, improved image quality, faster speed, enhanced durability, and compatibility with a wider variety of inks.

For more information on Konica Minolta’s inkjet-print-head development, visit the firm here.

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