Samsung Submits 3D-Printing Patent Application Specifying Use of Multi-Color ‘Inks’

Samsung Multi-Color Ink 3D Patent

Samsung Multi-Color Ink 3D Patent

Although last year, Samsung Electronics of Seoul, South Korea, indicated it wasn’t interested in 3D printing (see story here), it appears that may be changing. In February 2015, Samsung Electronics issued a press release stating that it would explore 3D printing. Recently, the company also submitted a 3D-printing patent application.

In the February 2015 press release, the 3D-printing initiative was discussed as part of the company’s “Internet of Things” strategy: “But Samsung has their future sights set, unsurprisingly, on 3D printing. With a technology sweeping the world and the headlines, as well as incorporating electronics and robotics, it’s exciting to think about how they (Samsung) will take this ball and run.”

Samsung says it’s set up a specific team made up of technicians, strategists, and project managers, all dedicated to research and development in areas such as 3D printers (and in other areas such as robotics, drones, and unmanned vehicles). These teams will operate independently from other divisions.

Samsung’s recently submitted 3D-printing patent is for a multi-color photo-cureable ink used for 3D printing, an anti-inter-color bleed agent to prevent ink colors from bleeding into each other, and a proprietary 3D printer.

The 3D printer incorporates several print heads, as well as several tanks containing the multiple colors of ink and the anti-bleed agent, which is deposited between layers to prevent bleeding of colors.

The patent specifies:

“A multi-color ink for 3D printing, a 3D printer, and a method of controlling the 3D printer are provided. The multi-color ink for 3D printing including a first ink composition that includes a photocurable material, a photoinitiator configured to cure the photocurable material, a first colorant, and an anti-intercolor bleed agent configured to prevent intercolor bleeding occurring when the plurality of ink compositions come into contact with each other, and a second ink composition that includes a photocurable material, a photoinitiator configured to cure the photocurable material, and a second colorant having an acid moiety involved in a reaction with the anti-intercolor bleed agent to cause aggregation. The multi-color ink for 3D printing may enable a clear image by inhibiting intercolor bleeding that occurs when ink compositions with different colors are printed to be adjacent to each other before curing during 3D printing.”

The patent credits Samsung engineers Yeon Kyoung Jung, Oh Hyun Beak, Keon Kuk, Eun Bong Han, Yong Hyun Lim, and Jong Youb Ryu.

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