Sharp’s 2015 Dealer ‘Road Show’ Will Feature Training, Dealer Panels

Sharp Roadshow Expomobil 60 interiorMay 6, 2015 – Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America reports that it’ll be kicking off a 2015 road tour on May 7th, with the tour running through June 16th.

Over the next seven weeks, Sharp executives will host meetings in key cities to meet with dealers and discuss industry trends, highlight product offerings, and outline future plans. The tour will feature two tracks of sessions for dealers and their sales teams. Sharp will also host dealer panels with dealers sharing best practices, will showcase new product-category opportunities, and provide professional sales-training workshops.

Sharp executives will also outline key company initiatives, and will host the following presentations:

  • A keynote session on the impact of mobility presented by Angѐle Boyd and Keith Kmetz of International Data Corporation (IDC).
  • A session on the latest industry benchmarks, model metrics, and the role managed services plays in the dealer’s business-planning process, presented by John Hey of Strategic Business Associates (SBA).
  • New opportunities in Managed Network Services by Continuum, the industry’s only channel-exclusive provider of fully integrated managed IT services solutions.
  • A session for dealer sales teams on leveraging technology to create new opportunities and strategies for going outside the current customer base, presented by Chris Ryne and Mitch Morgan of Growth Achievement Partners (GAP).

Dates and locations for Sharp’s Road Tour are as follows: Boston (May 7 – 8), New Orleans (May 12 – 13), San Diego (May 18 – 19), Seattle (May 20 – 21), St. Louis (June 9 – 10), and Orlando (June 15 – 16).

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