Carolina Wholesale Group to Distribute 3D Systems’ Consumer 3D Printers

3d systems 1May 6, 2015 – Carolina Wholesale Group, parent company of Carolina Wholesale Office Machines and Arlington Industries, and one of the largest U.S. office-machine and supply distributors, reports that they’ve partnered with 3D-printer market 3D Systems, making Carolina Wholesale and Arlington Industries national distributors of 3D Systems’  Cube and CubePro printers and their supplies to their network of office-products dealers throughout the United States.

Carolina Wholesale Group plans to market and support the 3D Systems products through both the Arlington Industries and Carolina Wholesale customer groups and intends to host dealer events in the coming months.  The firm also says it’ll employ its experienced technical support staff to assist dealers in the process of learning about 3D printing. “We understand that 3D printing is much different than traditional 2D printing,” said Huneycutt. “However, we feel our strength has always been the ability to support dealers through our accomplished technical support staff.  We view this as a strength within of our organization and are utilizing these resources to support all new 3D Systems dealers.”

Arlington Industries and Carolina Wholesale are launching this partnership with inventory of 3D Systems products in their California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia distribution centers.

“Carolina Wholesale Group has a broad network of office products and imaging resellers that provide a unique fit for 3D Systems products in their portfolio of offerings,” commented Larry Huneycutt, president of Carolina Wholesale Group.  “We recognize the future is now with 3D printing and believe the rapid innovation of this technology will demand a strong need for a distribution partner such as Arlington and Carolina Wholesale.”

“We are pleased to add Carolina Wholesale Group as a national distributor for our consumer solutions to extend our reach into their network of technology providers,” said Peter Theran, Vice President, Global Consumer Products, 3DS.  “Their technical support and commitment to strong customer service will be a value-add for resellers looking to add 3D printing technology to their portfolio of offerings.”

Dealers and resellers interested in becoming 3D Systems dealers through Carolina Wholesale Group should contact either Arlington Industries or Carolina Wholesale.   Arlington Industries can be reached here, and Carolina Wholesale here.

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