Bolstered by Inkjet Revenue, Epson Reports Robust Financial Results

Epson Ink PacksMay 5, 2015 – Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan again delivered upbeat financial results, reporting for its fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, that revenue was up 7.7 percent to U.S. $9.0 billion, while profit was up 33.3 percent to U.S. $938 million, both versus the previous fiscal year.

Overall, the firm notes that “its strategies and a weaker yen enabled us to achieve revenue and profit growth in every segment, while at the same time aggressively investing in the brand and future growth.”

Epson also notes that during the fiscal year, it grew sales of its high-capacity inkjet printers and All-in-Ones launched in Western Europe, that it launched new office-oriented inkjet printers and All-in-Ones based on its PrecisionCore inkjet-printing technology, and grew its managed print services. Sales of its high-capacity ink-tank printer, commercials, printers, and inkjet consumables were overall steady, especially in North America. In Japan, however, profit declined mainly because of lower inkjet-printer consumables, which contracted in advance of a scheduled sales tax hike in Japan.

Overall, Epson’s printer-manufacturing costs rose along with the value of the U.S. dollar, transportation costs increased due to port problems, and sales, general administration, and advertising expenses increased as Epson strengthened promotions in developed markets.

During the fiscal year, Epson says it also accelerated its switch from analog to digital printing in commercial and industrial printing, and upgraded and expanded inkjet printers for commercial printing of signs, textiles, photos, etc., as well as inkjet label printers.

Growth of Office Inkjet Printers and All-in-Ones

The table below shows the yearly growth since fiscal-year 2010 of Epson inkjet printers and All-in-One equipped with high-capacity ink tanks and/or designed for office use:

inkjet shipments by model

Source: Seiko Epson Corporation

Epson says it will continue to focus on inkjets for office use and high-end home use.

For its current fiscal year (fiscal-year 2015), Epson is forecasting revenue up 43.6 percent and profit up 6.2 percent, both versus the previous fiscal year. Within its Inkjet Printing Business, it’s forecasting revenue to be up 79 percent.

In its current fiscal year, Epson says it will continue to:

  • Capitalize on its inkjet-printer strength to improve its product mix, adopt new business models, and develop its inkjet office-product segment.
  • Transition from from analog to digital inkjet-based work processes in the professional- and textile-printing industries.
  • Revolutionize communications with microdisplays that produce large-screen images, and interactive technology.
  • Continue to develop sensing and wearable technologies designed to improve personal health and safety.
  • Revolutionize manufacturing by using robotics to automate operations.
  • Use its device technology to support social infrastructure and other original technologies.

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