New Xerox CompleteView User Analytics Tool for MPS, Monitoring Users’ Printing

xerox xApril 28, 2015 – Xerox is introducing its latest managed print services (MPS)/print-management solution, CompleteView User Analytics Tool. Developed by U.K.-based Newfield It, which Xerox purchased in May 2011, unlike other print-management solutions that simply monitor networked devices, CompleteView User Analytics Tool provides insight into user printing behavior. The ultimate goal is to save enterprises money by eliminating users’ unnecessary printing.

Under Xerox’s Xerox Analytics Platform Strategy, the User Analytics Tool, which will be available in North America and Europe in the second quarter, completes the ability of Xerox to see the enterprise’s total environment: from device, to document, to user.

the Complete View User Analytics Tool essentially identifies what and how users print, as well as identify unnecessary, non-essential user printing. It integrates with other print-management tools, including: Equitrac, Safecom, and Print Audit, provides a user-friendly Web interface, and, according to Xerox, provides a simpler form of print-job accounting.

completeview user analytics

A look at how the Xerox CompleteView User Analytics Tool works.

The Complete View User Analytics Tool’s dashboard (Web interface), identified users’ percent of black-and-white and color printing, and can indicate printing by user, department, cost center, and date range.

completeview user analytics dashboard

With the CompleteView User Analytics Tool’s dashboard, administrators can view the total printing environment, as well as drill down to view analytics by user, department, cost center, and date range. Administrators can also set target-goals, such as decreasing the volume of color printing.

Our Take

According to Xerox’s Don Dixon, senior vice president of marketing and communications for Xerox’s Large Enterprises division, this is “next-generation managed print services,” and the Xerox message is “print for less and print less.” Does this make sense for a copier/printer company? No. But Xerox is no longer a printer/copier company. With Xerox’s revenue increasingly being made up by revenue derived from services, solutions, and managed print services, Xerox – as Xerox CEO Ursula Burns once put it – is a document company, and “will go where the document is.”  Helping companies better manage their documents and attendant business processes – and doing it more cost-effectively – is the message today.

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