MSE Technologies Launches MPS Program with Print-Environment Monitoring, Automatic Toner Supply

mse toner cartridgeApril 23, 2015 – MSE Technologies, a provider of OEM-alternative printer toner cartridges and supplies, and a part of the Clover Technology Group, reports that it’s launching a new managed print services (MPS) offering, MPS Engineered Solutions.

MPS Engineered Solutions is designed to be a comprehensive solution for the management, maintenance, and supply of printing environments.

MSE says that,  unlike some offerings, MPS Engineered Solutions provides a complete support package necessary to “lock out the competition” and implement a successful managed print services program. It includes MSE toner cartridges, parts, sales support, technical support, print-environment monitoring supporttraining, and “green” eco-friendly  initiatives, all supported by MSE’s recently released Marketing Platform 2.0.

According to Gil Wazana, senior vice president of sales for MSE, “As the world of MPS continues to grow and evolve, we felt it was necessary to create an MPS solution that, like our products, would be tangibly differentiated from the rest. Coupled with our newly launched Marketing Platform 2.0, we are able to provide resellers and service providers the products, services, and support tools to maximize profitability.”

Office-equipment dealers may choose between two options to best fit their infrastructure: PrintFleet’s Remote Monitoring Software, or Eci’s FM Audit Remote Monitoring Software. Also available is an automatic toner-cartridge fulfillment program, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Pricing Calculator and Proposal Generator. There’s also a program from PrintReleaf,  reforestation project based on paper consumption, as well as as National Service Support & Dispatch, and MSE Express: Full Service MPS and Comprehensive Sales Training.

For more information, visit MSE Technologies here.

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