Konica Minolta Expanding its MPM Production-Print Program to U.S. and Japan

konica minolta trade showMarch 31, 2015 – Konica Minolta of Japan reports that in order build-up a global structure for its Marketing Print Management (MPM) services, it’s adding the United States and Japan to its existing business areas of Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Konica Minolta has been providing its MPM services to marketing divisions of major global corporations. Under the program, specialists from Konica Minolta are stationed at the clients’ offices to work on print production of promotional materials and to manage process, quality, and delivery. Through these initiatives, Konica Minolta says it helps its clients optimize their return on investment, and thereby contribute to clients’ revenue growth and brand enhancement.

The firm says there’s been strong demand for making its MPM services available in the United States and Japan, where its clients run operations in addition to those in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

With the establishment of subsidiaries and launching operations in the United States and Japan, Konica Minolta says it’s created an enhanced structure to provide MPM services on a global scale, covering Europe, the United States, Japan, and Asia-Pacific.

The new global network will focus on MPM services, while sharing across borders know-how in Marketing Management Service (MMS), originating from Europe, to expand it into other regions and establish itself as marketing partner for global corporations. Konica Minolta will offer “total solution proposals,” such as overall streamlining in print production, including output process management and distribution, and communication-support services.

Konica Minolta’s MPM Provider Companies

Company Name Charterhouse PM Limited
Representative Gary Mahoney, CEO
Headquarters Hertfordshire, U.K.
Area of Business Europe (22 countries including the U.K., Germany, France and the Netherlands)
Established 2007
Company Name Ergo Asia Pty Limited
Representative Eugene Cora, CEO
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Area of Business Asia Pacific and others (10 countries)
Established 2004
Company Name Charterhouse USA, Inc.
Representative Patrick Fogarty, President and COO
Headquarters New Jersey, U.S.A.
Area of Business North America region
Established 2014
Company Name ERGOMPM Inc.
Representative Toshitaka Uemura, Representative Director and President
Headquarters Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Area of Business Japan
Established 2015

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