Samsung Releases Android-Based Smart UX SDK to Developers for Creating New MFP Functionality

smart ux sdkMarch 24, 2015 – Samsung Electronics of Korea has introduced its Smart UX Software Developer Kit (SDK) designed to enable in-house developers, independent software vendors, system integrators, and value-added resellers to develop Android applications for Samsung MFPs.

The Samsung Smart UX SDK is an Android-based open interface for Samsung’s new Smart UX Device Series MFPs, providing a suite of features to allow application developers to develop new functionality for Samsung’s Smart UX MFPs. With the SDK’s “easy to use, easy to deploy” Android-based APIs, Samsung expects to see more optimized apps for its Smart UX Device Series MFPs for improving productivity in various vertical markets.

Developers can explore various options through sample scenarios and test their app before installing it with Samsung’s Smart UX Simulator. The submitted apps are evaluated and registered at the Samsung Printing App Center, alongside Samsung’s own apps. An example of an app would be manipulation of a scanned image in an Android application, so that the image’s scanned data can be used by outside services and solutions. Additionally, the application could get printable data from an external source, and use the options provided by Smart UX Print API to print the data.

Other examples include minimizing downtime – for instance, downtime during MFP system updates and switching of firmware could be replaced with quick downloads of an app. Apps could also enable resellers, for instance, to more proactively respond to customer requests.

smart ux Current Print Applications in Smart UX Center

There are currently 10 Samsung printer apps and two widgets that can be downloaded directly to the Samsung printer/MFP from Samsung’s Printing App Center Web site here. Among the apps are:

  • Workbook Composer: With the Workbook Composer app, users can crop one part of a document and print or save that part to a folder, or send to an email address, or other designated locations. Samsung says this app is particularly helpful in the education and legal sectors, when users are utilizing many different document sources, or compiling information scattered across many files.
  • HanCom Office: The HanCom office app allows users to view and edit Microsoft Office and Hwp files directly at the MFP’s touch screen. Samsung says that with Smart UX Center, the entire process is just the same as if working on a document on a tablet.
  • Smart Color Manager: This app makes it easier to manage the color settings at the MFP, enabling users to check and fine-tune the MFP’s color table before printing, creating, and saving a color profile of a company’s particular color scheme.
  • Samsung says that another benefit of having a tablet mounted on a printer/MFP is that customers can create customized widgets. For instance, these built-in widgets can check toner levels, print volumes, or identify key device information, such as IP name.

According to David SW Song, senior vice president of strategy marketing and sales for Samsung Electronics’ Printing Solutions division, “We believe that printers should be as user-friendly as a mobile. Based on this firm belief, we introduced the first Android-based Smart UX center in 2014. It has shown that people can use apps to do great and productive work right on their printer – just as they do on their mobiles,” commented . “Our in-house apps have received great feedback from our partners, but we know they would love to offer even more customization, and that’s why we launched the SDK. With its unlimited extensibility of printer functions, the SDK will encourage developers to create a wider range of apps that will be customized for the individual needs and business workflows of print users. The SDK will expand our current professional partnership and provide better user experiences that you would have never expected from a printer.”

Samsung’s new Smart UX SDK is now available for download at the Samsung Developer Site here.

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