New Dispatcher Phoenix 5.0 Adds More Economical Licensing Model, New Upgrades

dispatcher phoenixMarch 18, 2015 – Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. reports that it’s released a major upgrade of its automated document-workflow solution, Dispatcher Phoenix Release 5.0.

Available in different vertical-market editions, the firm says Dispatcher Phoenix streamlines and automates common document-processing tasks, such as Bates stamping, redaction, file conversion, annotation, indexing, file routing, and more.

Some of the new functionality and options provided by Dispatcher Phoenix Release 5.0 include:

New Licensing Model

Konica Minolta says the new licensing model now provides more document-workflow capabilities without additional costs. For example, with Release 5.0, customers can now run multiple workflows on the same bizhub MFP at no additional cost.


With Dispatcher Phoenix’s print-release solution, Release2Me, print jobs are held in a queue until they are released at the MFP after the user authenticates themselves at the MFP’s control panel. The Release2Me solution now comes with a new system workflow that Konica Minolta says is easy to use with minimal set-up required. To address more complex workflows, separate tools are available as well, including the PJL Print Preferences node, which allows users to specify print settings, such as numbers of copies, at the MFP’s control panel, and a Release2Me node that allows for further customization. The PJL Print Preferences node also is included as part of the existing Dispatcher Phoenix Metadata Bundle.

OCR Enhancements and New Language Support

Release 5.0 includes support for the newest Nuance OCR (optical character recognition) engine, Version 19. Konica Minolta says this new release provides better OCR accuracy as well as significant speed improvements. Nuance has also expanded the range of recognition and interface languages, and customers can now add a license for Asian languages with the OCR Asian Font Pack.

Connector to FileAssist

Konica Minolta’s new cloud-based solution, FileAssist, allows users to store files online for access anytime, anywhere. Now users can scan, process, and route files to FileAssist automatically or right at the MFP using Dispatcher Phoenix; this is included as part of the existing Dispatcher Phoenix Distribution Connector bundle

Connector to Workshare

Dispatcher Phoenix now offers a direct connection to Workshare, a file-sharing and document-collaboration platform used by over 2 million users in a variety of sectors, including legal, finance and accounting, government, and healthcare. With this optional connector, users can send and store their documents in Workshare with interaction at the MFP and pre-processing done by Dispatcher Phoenix.

Connector to FilesAnywhere

Addressing the continued adoption of cloud-storage technologies by businesses and organizations, Dispatcher Phoenix now offers a connector to FilesAnywhere as part of its cloud-connector offerings, which also includes connectors to Box, Dropbox, WebDAV, Microsoft OneDrive, and Konica Minolta’s FileAssist. With the FilesAnywhere connector, users can store and share their documents either via an automated workflow or directly at the MFP. This connector is included as part of the existing Dispatcher Phoenix Distribution Connector bundle.

Advanced Metadata Scripting

A new metadata-scripting process is now available to manage and manipulate file metadata. With a user-friendly interface, built-in functional library, and text editor, the firm says modifying, creating, copying, and removing metadata from files, has never been easier, and is is included as part of the existing Dispatcher Phoenix Metadata bundle.

Type-Ahead Folder Browsing for Connectors

Making it easier for users to find the correct folder to scan to, Dispatcher Phoenix’s new type-ahead search functionality is now added to the Workshare, FilesAnywhere, Box, Dropbox, WebDAV, FileAssist, and Microsoft OneDrive connectors. Users can begin typing into a search field at the MFP’s control panel, and the list of folders will be automatically and instantly filtered.

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