Square 9 Softworks’ Document-Management and Search Solutions Now Available for Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs

square 9Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) today reports that the Square 9 Softworks solution suite is now available for use with TABS’ e-STUDIO MFP as a result of a new partnership with enterprise content management (ECM) software-development firm Square 9 Softworks, which is based in New Haven, Conneticutt. The Square 9 Softworks suite will now be available through TABS’ nationwide network of resellers.

The Square 9 Softworks suite is designed to automate and enhance document capture, user collaboration, mobile content, and Web-forms management and workflow. SmartSearch has been  implemented in various vertical-market segments, including installations at The Hershey Company, Time Warner Cable, New York Life Insurance Company, Priceline.com, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Among the Square 9 Softworks suite’s software is SmartSearch document-management and document-search software, which is for converting paper documents into searchable digital documents. There’s also Global Forms for creating forms for posting on the Web; GlobalSearch for anytime Web-based access to documents from iOS and Android mobile devices; and CaptureWorkflow for automated distribution and processing of scanned and digital documents. For more information on Square 9 Softworks’ solution suite, visit the company here.

“Considering our focus on solutions that improve business processes and management of information, we continue to search for additional ways to collaborate with our customers to better enable them to operate in a more efficient manner,” commented TABS’ Chief Marketing Executive Bill Melo. “As a result of Square 9’s solutions’ capability to extend office efficiency, our partnership with the company made complete sense.”

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