Samsung Threatens Legal Action Against Resellers of Toner Cartridges

samsung HQThe Recycling Times reports that Samsung Electronics has sent letters to resellers of Uprint toner cartridges designed for use in Samsung printers. The letter warns the resellers that they are “making unauthorised use of Samsung’s intellectual property rights … by selling cartridges that are compatible with Samsung’s printers in which the patented technology is applied.” According to Samsung, the third-party toner cartridges allegedly violate Samsung’s EP2325701 B1 and EP2037327 B1 patents. The letter also stated that sale of these cartridge has caused Samsung to “suffer serious damages to its printer business and its reputation” and that it’s holding the resellers “liable for all damages it suffers as a result of the infringement”.

The Uprint toner cartridges include the CLT-K4072, CLT-Y4072, CLT-M4072, CLT-C4072, CLT-K4092, CLT-Y4092, CLT-M4092, CLT-C4092, CLT-K406, CLT-Y406, CLT-M406, and CLT-C406. The letter also states that Samsung has tried to discover the identity of the supplier and manufacturer of the toner cartridges, but hasn’t been able to do so, and consequently, says it must instead address the resellers.

The letter concludes by seeking written acknowledgement from the reseller that they’ll stop selling the toner cartridges, and “release” the toner cartridges to Samsung to be destroyed. It also asks resellers to identify the seller of the cartridges before April 14th, at which time Samsung may take legal action against the reseller.

Samsung began legal proceedings against various resellers late last year. In November 2013, Samsung named four dealers in its petition to a Dutch court – Yorcom Computers, Print About, Digital Revolution, and Maxperian. In January 2014, the Court of the Hague in The Netherlands imposed a preliminary sales ban on three toner-cartridge dealers from selling non-licensed, non-OEM toner cartridges in Europe that allegedly infringe on Samsung toner-cartridge patents. Samsung has also filed a number of other patent-infringement cases against various dealers for alleged patent infringement. The decisions in those cases are expected by the end of 2014.

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