Lexmark Cracks Down on Toner-Cartridge Patent Infringers at Remax Tradeshow

MicroScope reports that Lexmark International recently backed a raid at the Remax Paperworld exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany. Lexmark, along with German authorities and several other vendors seized toner cartridges that were being shown at the Remax trade show, which showcases printer and imaging supplies such as toner cartridges.
The raid was led by 10 customs agents who confiscated products that allegedly violated copyrights, after touring the show and seeing questionable products. Firms who had cartridges seized were also asked to remove any advertising and marketing materials for the cartridges.

German prosecutors will reveal details of the raid and the cases against the seven firms, as the cases will begin to go through the legal process in order to determine if any copyrights have been infringed. .

Danny Molhoek, general manager at Lexmark U.K. & Ireland, commented, “To protect our customers and partners, as well as the intellectual property created by Lexmark employees and contractors, Lexmark has patents registered around the world. This recent action in Germany, along with legal actions that Lexmark maintains in the United States and around the world, shows our ongoing commitment to ensuring fair competition.”

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