New Brother MFC-J6920dw Color Inkjet All-in-One Provides 11"x17" Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax, NFC Mobile Print and Scan

brother-mfc-J6920dw-640x396Brother International is introducing its latest color inkjet All-in-One, the MFC-J6920dw, which it says is the flagship model in its new Business Smart Pro series of inkjet All-in-Ones for small to mid-size businesses. The MFC-J6920dw provides two 250-sheet paper trays for a larger paper capacity, as well as higher ink capacity and print speeds of up to 22 (black)20 (color) ppm. The MFC-J6920dw, which has has an estimated street price of $299, also lets you print, copy, scan, and fax 11″ x 17″ (ledger-size) documents.

The MFC-J9620dw also features Near Field Communication (NFC) print and scan enabling users to “touch to connect” their NFC-capable mobile device to the All-in-One for direct printing or scanning without connecting to a wireless network. A suite of free Brother Cloud Apps also provides the ability to capture and convert paper documents into a variety of ways directly from the device without the use of a computer.

Brother says its new Wireless Assistant makes connecting to a wireless network easy, and that users won’t even need a USB cable or to know their network password to connect. There’s also a 3.7″ touch screen with touch panel; the touch panel illuminates only the keys needed for operation.

Other specifications and features include:

  • Print speed rated at up to 35 (black)/27 (color) ppm in Fast Mode, and up to 22 (black)/20 (color) ppm using the ISO/IEC 24734 test method.
  • Brother Landscape Print Technology for a smaller footprint – up to 35 percent smaller than competitive models, according to Brother.
  • Super high-yield ink cartridges 
  • Support for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print mobile printing; free Brother iPrint&Scan app; Wi-Fi Direct mobile printing; and support for Cortado Workplace mobile printing.
  • Free Brother Cloud Apps for scan to and print from cloud-based sites (including Facebook, Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Evernote, and Dropbox).
  • Automatic two-sided duplex printing.
  • Wireless 802.11b/g/n and wired Ethernet network connectivity.
  • Two 250-sheet paper drawers, each of which accepts up to 11″x17″ paper.
  • Two-year Limited Warranty and Toll-Free Technical Support for the Life of the Machine

Brother will also be introducing a full line of Business Smart Pro Series inkjet All-in-Ones. TheMFC-J6720dw ($249.99) and MFC-J6520dw ($229) will be available later this month.

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  1. Craig says:

    Hi Terry, just saw this new release from Brother (the MFC-6920-DW). Ive been researching the previous model’s reviews (the 6910-DW) and they are generally very good, but cant find any on this one yet. Couple of key questions:

    1) What are the key pro’s and con’s of this new model (6920-DW) over the previous model (6910-DW)?

    2) Which would you buy if you had the choice and why? (im just a bit worried of jumping into the new one if it’s unproven yet)

    Really appreciate the tips, great website!


    • Craig,

      The 6920DW is a major step up from the 6910DW. It has two trays and can feed US Ledger/A3 from one of them and it can duplex scan US Ledger/A3 originals. The 6910DW had a single tray, could only feed a single sheet of US Ledger/A3 at a time via the rear-mounted manual feed slot and maximum duplex scan size was US Legal (8.5″x14″). I would not worry about jumping into an unproven model in this class and price range.

      • Unbelievable says:

        Don’t worry? I’d would. Bought this brand new from staples for 200 bucks and another 60 in ink on 12-3-14. I’ve spent hours on the phone with “Oh Brother” trying to get any pc to print to it. It’s on the network and has an IP address; prints test pages locally but that’s it. It’s been 2 days and about 4 hours of effort each day. It goes back tomorrow. Looks nice. Claims to have great price per page and over 2300 prints on a single cartridge. Just one problem,you can’t print. We have 4 laptops. XBox1 and a Samsung TV all running on a Cisco router without issue.

        • Hello. You say it’s on the network. Wireless or wired? If it’s wireless, make sure that your security password is correct. No luck? Try connecting it wired directly to the router. Second, try turning on auto IP addressing (DHCP) from the setup menu and power the printer up and down. Check to see if the acquired IP address is within the DHCP range specified by the router. Third, go to your printer folder and right click on the printer to check your printer properties. On the ports tab, edit the connected port and it should tell you what IP address the printer is trying to use. If it does not match that of the IP address of the printer, edit the IP address in the port settings to match. If you cannot edit the port settings (a custom port), create a new standard TCP/IP port with the correct address and connect to it. Finally, you may have to manually set the printer IP address from the control panel to match the IP address of the port in the printer settings.

          This sort of thing can happen with any network printer and nearly all technical support systems are pretty lame.

  2. Craig says:

    Relating to the above query – i noted the new model (6920-DW) might have higher print rates and ink volumes…whilst this will be great for cost per page, will general quality (and photo print quality in particular) suffer as a result? The former model might do better photos maybe?

    • Craig,

      While image quality is certainly acceptable, we have found that it is not one of Brother’s strong suits. Neither is build quality for that matter. However, you do get a strong feature set and low Total Cost of Ownership in return. In fact, the 6920dw is your best choice for a US Ledger/A3 inkjet at this point in time. As far as the expanded ink capacity, it simply uses larger cartridges with the same Innobella ink technology as its predecessor.

      To get an idea about what we are talking about concerning image quality, check out this HP vs. Brother comparison report:

      • Craig says:

        Hi Terry,

        Just a quick note of thanks for the tip…i follwed your advice for an A3 machine and got the new brother J6920-DW and yes indeed it’s a nice machine! For the price ($299 Australian) Im very happy! Totally understand the point about HP (The HP 8600 for A4 is getting alot of attention here in Australia) and fingers crossed they eventually get an A3 machine similarly into the market :-)

        thanks again,

  3. Duke says:

    I have a MFC J6920DW printer using Adobe X and Windows 7 -64. The new driver is no longer compatible with Adobe and will no longer print to a scale. My previous machine MFC 6490 CW work perfectly prior to changing printers. Brother’s tech support position is it is an Adobe Acrobat problem and will not repair their new driver even though their old driver worked fine. So scaling using Adobe acrobat will not work in this product.

    • Good info Duke. Thanks.

      This sounds unusual but not surprising. Issues like this pop-up each time that there is a new version of a print driver or Adobe Acrobat. If Brother tells you to wait for Adobe to get its act together you have no choice other than to find a workaround (like reducing the scale from within Acrobat beforehand), especially since the MFC-J6910 has been discontinued and replaced with the MFC-J6920 that recently earned Best in Class award. The MFC-J6920 also has the latest software/firmware and should be able to handle your Acrobat anomalies. If it cannot, Brother will develop a software fix.

      • Craig says:

        Hi Terry and Kathleen, can you please confirm the comment from Duke please? I’ve been using last years model with no issues and found it fantastic printer (on your excellent recommendation!). I’ve also now been recommending it to my company colleagues for home offices, so am very keen to know if the adobe problem can’t/won’t be fixed. Surely brother can’t afford a problem like this! My boss is just about to buy one so much appreciated for confirming for me as soon as you can.
        Many thanks ,

  4. ironframe says:

    The 6910DW has TWO trays – A3 and A4 already there, you choose from the buttons on the control panel which paper to use.. (your mail Terry, Oct 14th 2013)

  5. Pat Conrad says:

    I spent 1 week trying to load the brother mfcj-6920dw onto my toshiba qosmio laptop with no success. It loaded fine on my other computer but not the toshiba. Any idea why?

    • Pat, I assume that the software is installed and you are trying to connect via WiFi? If so, make sure the printer is connected to the router via the touch screen and then run the remote setup utility from the Brother software on the PC. Let me know how it works out.

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