Sharp Validates Ringdale's FollowMe for Sharp OSA-Enabled MFPs

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America has validated Ringdale’s FollowMe Embedded for integration with Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs.

The FollowMe Embedded application for Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs is an all-in-one solution that provides tracking of copy, print, email, fax and scan,without the need for any external hardware. The user interface provides integrated single sign on (SSO) user authentication, and FollowMe Printing’s secure print job roaming technology – otherwise known as pull printing. With pull printing, the user sends their job, selects any enabled printer or MFP, and then authenticates themselves at the device to release the job for printing. The advantage is that it minimizes unwanted unwanted jobs from being printed, and users can select another printer if the first choice is out of service or already being used.

FollowMe’s secure pull printing.

FollowMe’s integrated Business Intelligence Engine (BIE) also provides rules-based printing policies, so that, for instance, all print jobs are automatically produced in duplex mode in order to save paper. Policies can be applied per user, department, or MFP. Users can also convert e-mails to black-and-white, and route large print jobs to higher-capacity printers and MFPs.

According to Jan Bollmann, Vice President of Engineering at Ringdale, “The validation of FollowMe Embedded for Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs gives organizations unrivalled flexibility to reduce costs and increase the productivity of document workflow, without losing the FollowMe Printing capabilities that are at the heart of the solution. FollowMe enables integrated control of print, copy, scan and fax straight from the Sharp OSA enabled MFP’s front panel, empowering users to work smarter”

For more information on FollowMe, visit For details on FollowMe Embedded for Sharp, or the Ringdale partner support program, contact Charlotte Baker at Ringdale at (512) 288-9080 or


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