Fuji Xerox to Invest $36 Million in New Manufacturing Plant for Color MFPs, LED Printers

Fuji Xerox reports that it will be investing some $36 million (about 9 billion yen) in a new manufacturing site in Vietnam that will produce up two million color MFPs and small LED printers annually. Construction of the plant in Hai Phong, a city in northern Vietnam, will begin in December 2012, while operations will begin  in November 2013.

The plant, which will employ about 700 people, will also manufacture printer and MFP components, such as printed wiring boards and drum-cartridge components.

With the new manufacturing facility, Fuji Xerox says it seeking to both increase its manufacturing capacity, while avoiding over-concentration of manufacturing sites in China, where approximately 90 percent of its products such as color MFPs and LED printers are manufactured at two factories. It also forecasts continuing market growth in Asia-Pacific, European, the United States for color MFPs and LED printers.

In order to decentralize its manufacturing system, the company says it’ll be working to standardize its manufacturing line equipment and tools with its other manufacturing sites, and will promote manufacturing platforms that enable the manufacture of different models on the same manufacturing line.

Current Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Sites in South Korea, China, Thailand, and Japan


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