Pharos Rolls Out Uniprint 8.3 for Mobile Printing – Print from any email Capable Device

Pharos Systems’ is introducing Uniprint 8.3, a cloud-based secure-release print solution designed for education, that lets users print from any device capable of sending an email (including mobile devices and laptop PCs) to any printer, regardless of the manufacturer of either. Uniprint 8.3 is part of Pharos’ Print Optimization print-management solution for the education sector, and is for tracking and assessing printing, and identifying and reducing its costs.

With Uniprint 8.3, users send a print job by attaching it to an email. They can then print at the nearest available printer or MFP, regardless of make, by first authenticating themselves, typically by swiping an ID card. They then simply select the job to be printed, and can also delete print jobs they’ve sent but no longer require. On the user’s side, there’s no print-driver downloads or software required, and billing is available as part of the existing Pharos infrastructure.

Pharos says a high level of document fidelity is provided, since the solution supports  applications which handle more than 95 percent of the world’s printed documents.

For more on Uniprint 8.3, see this video from Pharos.

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