Toshiba Calls Off Controversial National No-Print Day

Michael Makin, president and CEO of Printing Industries of America, reports that Toshiba  America has called off its National No-Print Day. Makin had strongly objected to the Toshiba initiative, as we previously reported, which Toshiba said was designed to raise awareness of the environmental impact of printing. As we had suspected, Toshiba representative Bill Melo, senior vice president of marketing, told Makin that Toshiba’s efforts were directed at office printing, not commercial and graphic-arts printing.

According to Melo, Toshiba will remove promotion of National No-Print Day from its Web site, and any future campaigns will explicitly exempt the commercial printing industry. Makin’s letter to members of the Printing Industries of America, which represents commercial printers, can be accessed here.

Toshiba also released a press release confirming the suspension of the campaign, with Toshiba’s Melo noting, “The message behind the campaign was simple: reduce unnecessary office paper waste. It was an initiative directed at end users who frequently tell us they’d like to print less. The intent was to raise awareness of wasteful office printing practices and to provide simple tips and tools to reduce it. The provocative name and message unfortunately led to a misconception of the campaign goals by the paper and print industries, and for that we apologize.”

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