PrintFleet Launches Next-Generation PrintFleet Enterprise

PrintFleet, a Canadian developer of software for managing enterprise’s print and MFP fleets, today released its next-generation of PrintFleet Enterprise (PFE) software, which it says adds new functionality over the previous version, PFE 3.0.

PrintFleet President and CEO Chris McFarlane says the new version, v3.1,  has already been installed on a number of customer pre-production servers and is “live” on Samsung’s PrintIQ MPS program.

New functionality includes automated supplies-fulfillment enhancements, device bulk editing (via CSV import/export), and customization of the model database. Supply alerts are now tracked per-supply (one alert per supply type/color), and are active until the situation is resolved. A new Supply Detail screen shows detailed history about a single supply, which PrintFleet says has been well received by customers.

PrintFleet also says the new version is built on a new foundation that enhances the management solution’s ability to deliver accurate, reliable and consistent device data, increased performance and scalability.

PrintFleet Enterprise is available on a self-hosted model (the customer uses their existing infrastructure to deploy it). It can also be hosted by PrintFleet, which manages the infrastructure.

For more on PrintFleet Enterprise, see here. To access a trail for PrintFleet Enterprise v3.1, contact

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