Judge Rules in Kyocera Mita’s Favor in Ben Stein Lawsuit

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a California Superior Court Judge has dismissed most of actor Ben Stein’s breach of contract lawsuit against Kyocera Mita of Japan. Stein filed a lawsuit in January after Kyocera Mita hired him to star in television commercials for its printers and MFPs in a deal worth some $300,000, but Kyocera Mita later backed out of the deal after an employee brought up Stein’s contention that global warming is not due to human activities.

In her decision, Judge Elizabeth White ruled that the defendant (Kyocera Mita) “”had a constitutional right not to be associated with Plaintiff (Ben Stein), whose views on global warning as being the act of God were different from that which Kyocera wished to espouse, i.e., that global warming was man-made.”

The only matter that remains to be resolved is Stein’s claim for misappropriation of his publicity rights. That is, Stein claims that Kyocera Mita hired a University of Maryland economics teacher to do the commercials by adopting Stein’s persona.

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