HP Adds UPS Stores to ePrint Public Print Locations

Hewlett-Packard has added some 4,300 UPS stores to its nationwide network of  ePrint Public Print Locations.

Here’s how it works. The user downloads the HP ePrint Service application for smartphones and tablets at www.hp.com/go/eprintmobile. Next the user locates their nearest UPS stores, then submits a print job by selecting Print on their mobile device. They’re then sent a secure retrieval code. At the UPS store, they then provide their retrieval code to a store associate, who prints the customer’s documents, which the customer pays for. Users can print documents multiple times over a seven-day period using the same secure retrieval code.

HP says that currently the ePrint app is available for more than 90 percent of smartphone devices sold in the United States.

HP’s Public Print locations now include:

  • FedEx Office stores.
  • The newly added UPS Store locations.
  • Walmart Photo Centers (photos only)
  • Many Hilton hotels (powered by PrinterOn).
  • Many hotels, airline lounges, universities, public libraries and more (powered by PrinterOn).

For more on ePrint, see here.

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