Review and Report: HP Officejet 6600/6700 Premium e-All-in-One with Photo Gallery

Hewlett-Packard’s new Officejet 6600/6700 Premium e-All-in-Ones ($129.00/$149.00) are full-color ink-jet All-in-Ones, and replace the Officejet 6500A and Officejet 6500A Plus respectively. Designed for small offices and workgroups (from one to five users), the units are the same except that the Officejet 6700 Premium has faster print speeds and adds a wired Ethernet network interface, automatic duplex printing, and USB host port. Both units provide wired Ethernet network connectivity and full-color capability in all modes, as well as Web connectivity.

Hands-On Test Results

Mobile Printing – Mobile printing has become increasingly sought after by users, and the Officejet 6600/6700 Premium support three mobile-printing options: HP ePrint; HP ePrint Home & Biz for Android, iOS and Symbian; and Apple AirPrint for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

HP Apps -­We had no difficulty using and managing Apps, including adding or removing them at A key App is eStorarge. With eStorage, users can print documents stored in Google Docs and accounts—such as patient instructions and forms, company directions, menus, etc.—directly from their Officejet’s touch screen without having to use a PC. Users only print the number of copies they need, eliminating waste, and they don’t have to store hardcopy documents that can become outdated. Using the Officejet 6600/6700 Premium’s scan capability, users can also scan hardcopy documents to their Google Docs and accounts.

Summary – In our tests, we found that what sets these two All-in-Ones apart from competitors are several strengths, including very good image quality not typically found in this segment (sub-$150 All-in-Ones), as the systems performed very well producing our image-quality test targets, and we were especially impressed by color photo output. Another advantage is easy setup and ease-of-use—again the units performed very well—hardware, software and network installation is straightforward and doesn’t require any special expertise, a touchscreen makes operation very easy, replacing ink cartridges is as easy as it gets, software is streamlined and works the first time, etc. All of this is key in this segment where there’s unlikely to be a dedicated IT staff on hand.

Similarly, the Officejet 6600/7600 stand out from competitors with a very economical cost per page of 3.2¢ (black)/9.0¢ (color) for this segment when using high-yield cartridges (recommended). Not only do many competitors have a much higher cost per page, especially when printing color output, but even many higher-priced color laser All-in-Ones have significantly higher color cost per page—up to 20¢ per page in some cases.

Overall, for a minimal investment, home-office users and very-small businesses and workgroups get access to a state-of-the-art feature set—full-color print, copy, scan, and fax, color touch screen, three mobile-printing solutions, print from/scan to the cloud—with the assurance of no-hassle setup and consumables replacement, very competent image quality, and without a hefty color cost per page.

For detailed performance and specification information peruse our HP Officejet 6600/6700 e-All-in-One Test Report, a Premium Download courtesty of HP.

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79 Responses

  1. Thomas Geis says:

    I have hp officejet 6600/6700 and cannot print a full page from my computer. It comes off

    the printer one quarter of the page, not a full page copy..What adjustment to the printer can i make to get it to print a full 8by11 page with larger prrint?

  2. Thomas Geis says:


    • Terry Wirth says:

      I suggest that you right click the printer icon in the printer/printers and devices folder (XP/Win 7) and select “printing preferences.” Check the “paper size” setting and make sure it is set to letter.

      If this doesn’t work, go into the menus from the control panel and go into “tools.” Check there to make sure that nobody has manually assigned a paper size other than “auto” or “letter” to the tray.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Brenda says:

    All this technology… does not even include how to replace the ink cartridges??

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Thanks for visiting our web site!

      Please peruse our photo gallery and the comprehensive Hands-on Test Report that was made public courtesy of HP. Both have pics of the process.

  4. Scott says:

    1 of my 4 colors (red) is out of ink and instead of it allowing me to print in black it won’t print at all until I replace the red. That seems silly. Is that possible?

    • Terry Wirth says:

      That is de riguer for most ink-jet printers. Did you try “black ink only” in the print driver?

      Color ink carts are only $10.99 from HPs web site. When you buy it, spring for the extra $5 and get the XL cartridge. It will provide you with over twice as many prints.

      • nancyesl says:

        I’m a teacher, furious because I just put in an XL black printer cartridge in my 6600 and it won’t let me print “black ink only.” What a rip-off! Now I must replace depleted color cartridges I rarely use, requiring a trip to the store I don’t have time for. (Yes, I have reset my printer preferenceson my PC)

        • Terry Wirth says:

          That is mighty annoying alright. Some printers will let you continue printing with empty cartridges (even other HP models) and some do not.

          I suggest that you order ink from that is now available with free next-day shipping. That way, maybe you won’t have to run out to the store.

      • Michael Moore says:

        Hi Terry

        I have the same problem . I never print in colour but my new HP 6600 says I need to buy new colour cartridges . I’ve tried changing the preferences to Black only or Greyscale and neither work .As you say they are ONLY $10.99 would you be so kind as to by me two ? thought not ! I cant afford to keep changing the colour cartridges just to print in black .
        You’re justification that its “de rigeur these days” is patently ridiculous. In my local PC World superstore Epson proudly display signs telling customers their printers print in black when the colours run out it doesn’t take a genius to realise that this is obviously aimed at HP . I note that you have failed to explain why technically the colours need to be replace . I suppose addressing that would mean saying HP are shamelessly extorting money from their customers .
        I will now buy an Epsom printer.

        • Terry Wirth says:

          Yes Michael, it is a mystery as to why some HP printers will allow you to print in black when colors run out while others do not. There is no discernable pattern but I surmise that the newer models with individual ink cartridges are the most likely to do so.

          The best thing for you to do is curtail your use of color to the point where you are running out of black ink first. Also, you do not need to go Epson next time if you buy an HP printer that supports the HP Instant Ink Program. Check out our recent Hands-On Test Report on HP Instant Ink and find out why our worries about printing in black only and tri-color ink cartridges are now ancient history. We love Instant Ink because for our applications, it is worry-free on every level. The only reasons not to sign up for it is if you’re primarily printing low-coverage applications such as labels and envelopes.

  5. Thomas says:

    @ nancy and I have the same problem. I will never ever buy any product produced by hp.

  6. Patricia says:

    i have an HP OFFICEJET 6600 and can’t get it to scan!

    • Paulette says:

      Patricia, did you resolve the problem. We just bought an hp 6600. Can’t scan forms to work on them. HP people have spent hours with us on telephone…no resolution

  7. Patricia says:

    I use a USB cable. I can fax, print and copy…just cannot scan! I have tried countless times.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Use HP Scan software to pull scans to your PC and you can find photos in your Pictures folder and PDF and text files in My Documents. If you are trying to scan from the OJ control panel, you must go into the Console software and activate scan to PC in the scan settings. Once scans are pushed to your PC, you can find them in the folders mentioned above.

      Hope this helps.

  8. CantPrint says:

    I have the same problem as nancy. Even worse, the printer told me i was out of blue (cyan) ink… i have replaced the blue ink, and it is now telling me that i am out of yellow. That equals another trip to the store, and more wasted time.

    This is a work printer….i am glad i did not buy it with my own $$. I will spend my $ with someonel else.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Thanks for your comment. There are printers that still let you print when an ink cartridge is empty, even from HP.

      Sounds like we should be mentioning that feature more prominently in our reviews and reports.

  9. Janet Kroll says:

    Terry I just bought this printer and have a SIMPLE question. Sometimes I want to print in black only. In the printer commands menu there is no category to toggle from “Color” to “Black only.” Where do I find this command??

    Also, when my introductory cartridges run out, how do replace cartridges?? I should not hav to download a 25 M manual just to replace a cartridge!! Please helpI I am your grandmother. I am very smart but not a geek.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Hi Janet.

      Go into the print driver and: 1) right click the printer in the printer folder and select “printing defaults” [this will make the setting the permanent default]; or 2) click “print” then “properties” in an application [temporary setting]). Then, click the “Advanced” button. On the “Advanced Options” screen, click the underscored “Off” next to “Print in Grayscale.” Finally, select “Black ink only.” Now, you will print only using black ink (the least expensive ink). When you need color prints, you can select the “Normal” radio button on the “Paper/Quality” tab in the print driver using method 2 above. If you set “Black ink only” as your default setting (method 1 above), you can simply click the “Custom” radio button to reactivate “Black ink only.”

      As far as the cartridges are concerned, you open the front cover and press in on the spring-loaded cartridge until it unlatches itself. It’ll then pop out slightly so you can grasp and remove it. Then simply slide the new cartridge into its color-coded slot and press it inwards until it locks into place.

      If you want to see how cartridges are changed with text and photos, check out the test report or the photo gallery. Links to both are embedded in the post.

      Hope this helps,

  10. Imma says:

    I cannot scan with hp 6600. I execute de hpscan.exe and nothing execute.

    • Terry Wirth says:


      1. Windows/Mac? Linux needs to have third-party scanning software installed.
      2. Make sure that the software from the CD is properly installed.
      3. Did you switch connections (USB to/from network) after installing the software? If so, reinstall the software using the new connection.
      4. Have you tried the HP Scan utility from the Start menu?
      5. Are you talking about push scanning to the PC or pull scanning from the PC? If you are trying to push a scan to the PC and its name doesn’t show up on the control panle list, you need to go into the Console (double click the printer in the printer folder) and click “Manage Scan to Computer” in the “Scanner Actions” category. You can also try pull scanning here if you click “Scan a Document or Photo.”

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      • imma says:

        Windows XP SP3. I have this problem only in one PC because I have installed this printer in another pc and the scan is working. The printer print but does not scan, and when i tried to execute HPSCAN.EXE nothing is happen. no one message. I reinstalled de printer and the scan doesn’t work. Anohter thing is happen, the hp scan does not appear in Scanners and Cameras

        • Terry Wirth says:

          You mentioned that it works on another PC. Are you installing it on a network?

          HP Scan should be available here: Click Start/HP/HP Officejet 6600/HP Scan. Try starting scanning from here and let me know what happens. Don’t worry about the “Scanners and Cameras” issue.

          • imma says:

            Because i installed the printer in another pc to check the printer, and the printer work correctly in the other pc. But in the pc i need to install the printer, the scan dosen’t work. i tried start scanning from start/hp/hp officejet 6600/hp scan and the pc dosen’t do anything. Sorry for my english

          • Terry Wirth says:

            Your english is fine.

            Are you using a USB cable?

            Did you use the same cable with each PC?
            If no, you may have a bad cable.

            If you used the same cable, you may have a bad USB port on the PC where scanning is not working. Try another USB port.

            When you plug the USB cable into your PC, once you turn on the printer you should see a “drivers installing” animated icon in the right side of the task bar. Wait until this icon reports “drivers successfully installed.” and try scanning again. If you do not see this, the cable or port is bad.

            If none of this works and you are sure that the USB cable and port are good, re-install the software on the PC where scanning isn’t working. Make sure that you DO NOT plug in the USB cable until you are prompted to do so.

            Hope this helps.

  11. Janet Kroll says:

    Hi Terry —
    This is not in response to Imma (lots o luck Imma) but a follow-up on my previous plea about B & W printing. The true problem for me is that the 6600 has flawed “backward compatibility” with Macs that have Power PC chips, not Intel. An HP “expert” had me download a different driver — and as a result, my new 6600 did not print B & W, it did not Print AT ALL. Fortunately my retailer heard my plea & I was able to return printer for full credit on my CC. Subsequently I went to the U Penn computer store (where they have simpler devices at lower prices!) and obtained,for $50 less, a HP3054A. which meets all my needs, prints color OR b & W (fingers crossed) and will be compatible with a new Mac when I upgrade later this year. (great sigh of relief).

  12. gamma ladd says:

    Just purachased the 6600 printer and only want to use it as a printer. when we use it to copy our 5 x 7 statements the first copy comes out without anything on it then the second on comes out with print. thanks for your help.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      The 6600 doesn’t automatically recognize the original size. Go into the copy settings and experiment with the resize and fit-to-page settings. This may enlarge everything and if it does it will use more ink. However, you can minimize this by copying in black/draft mode if it’s for filing purposes.

      Also, try feeding the 5″ short-edge first.

      Let us know what happens.

  13. Jeanne says:

    Trying to copy an 8-1/2 x 14 document and the printer will not print full page. What settings to I use on my HP Deskjet 6700 Premium?

    • Terry Wirth says:


      1. You must use the document feeder.
      2. You must have legal-sized paper in the paper tray.
      3. If you don’t have legal-sized paper, go into the copy settings on the control panel and set the re-size and fit-to-page settings to legal-to-letter. Due to the disproportionate length and width ratios, you will end up with a reduced copy that will be on the skinny side. You can change the settings so that the OJP 6700 automatically centers the image.

      Good luck and get back with any additional questions.

  14. Meena says:

    what a load of rubbish. Cannot print in greyscale as magenta cartridge depleted and don’t need it! So why should i be forced to buy it when i only need greyscale! Never will buy an HP again! Complete con!

    • Terry Wirth says:

      BIN, greyscale mode uses color to print. What you need to do is go into the print driver properties and click “Advanced.” Then click the “Print in Grayscale” drop-down and select “Black Ink Only.” If you change this setting from the Printer or Devices and Printers folder (right-click on the printer and choose “Printing Preferences”), it will remain the default for every application. Some other vendors do not even give you a “black ink only” option.

      Hope this helps and let us know how it turns out.

  15. Taylor T says:

    I would like to install XL capacity color inks in my 6700 Premium and it appears there is only space for the XL black cartridge. Can the cartridge carrier be expanded to allow for four XL cartridges (ie. three color, one black)?

  16. Taylor T says:

    Now I understand, I looked up images of the XL color cartridges and they are the same size as the regular color cartridges, not the double size of the XL black cartridge. Answered my own question….

  17. Alexandra says:

    Hello Terry,

    I’m on a Macbook Pro and I am trying to print from my Officejet 6600 in only black. There are no options for this on the printer itself, I went to system preferences and there are also no options. I have no problem printing in B/W when I am printing from Microsoft Word or Pages but when I am printing from Chrome or Safari I don’t have the option to choose color or B/W. It is especially annoying when printing out coupons! All of the ink is brand new as well. I want to keep the ink costs as low as possible.

    Thanks very much

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Hi Alexandra,

      1. With the file (you wish to print) open, go to Print. A window will pop up.
      2. Select the HP printer.
      3. Expand the arrow pointing down beside printer name if you’re not able to see other options for printing. Look for Quality and Media.
      4. Select Print in Black and White.
      5. Save this as your default print setting. Click Presets option and choose Save as. You can personalize the name for this default print setting (e.g. Black and White Draft or My Setting).

      Select this Preset name every time you print your files/documents.

  18. Peyton says:

    Hello, I recently purchased an hp 6700. It has never printed with any magenta ink. All the photos and pages are lacking this hue. I’ve tried cleaning, realigning and buying new cartridges. Nothing! Any ideas??

  19. Mario D says:

    Can’t print without ALL the cartridges, even in black only. What incompetence in not taking this into account. I guess they just want to force you to buy the color cartridges regardless. I just talked my neighbor out of buying an HP printer, might have the same problem.

  20. Mo Swolle says:

    So if I am correctly reading the multiple complaints about not being able to print in black only once any one of the minimal capacity “setup cartridges” is depleted, there is no way on this machine ( HP Office jet 6700 ) to override that requirement and print black only.

    Is that correct ? Yes or No ( please nothing like “most printers don’t allow this” ).

    If I am wrong, and then happily so, how can I get it to print in black ink only once one of the color cartridges is depleted ?

    thank you for a final clarification for me !!

    • Terry Wirth says:

      I don’t have an OJ 6600/6700 so I cannot double check this issue. However I do know that you can print in black only and that some OJ models can still print with empty cartridges without setting grayscale/black ink only in printer settings. Because I need more memory, I do not recall the specific models that can do this. That said, the only advice I can give is try “black ink only.” Your reply will settle the issue once and for all, that is if you have a OJ 6600/6700 test unit.

  21. Wasim says:

    I have an HP 6600 and when I print a single page it comes out of 2 separate pages. How do I get it on one page just like the screen…

  22. disha says:

    I have a hp office jet 6700….how do I print in draft mode

  23. Steve says:

    I agree with all of the posts regarding the ink features on this printer. I rarely print in color but when I do, it needs to be nice-that’s why I’ve used HP in the past. It’s bogus that these printers have a page count that makes you replace cartridges even when none or very little has been used. I’ll be looking for a different brand of printer next time for sure unless someone can tell me how to override that “feature”.

    • Terry Wirth says:


      You have a legitimate gripe if you’re talking about inkjet printers that have multi-color cartridges instead of a separate cartridge for each color, the former of which makes you throw away unused ink when one color runs out. However, these types of printers are becoming few and far between as most inkjet printers of the day contain four separate ink cartridges. When one color runs out, you change it and can leave the others alone.

  24. Jason says:

    I have an Office Jet 6600. I am running Windows 7 (64 bit). After installing the software, I am able to print from the test page, and the diagnostics window indicates that I am connected to the printer. I can scan images from the printer to my computer. However, I when I attempt to print, I am told that the the printer is not connected. I am doing all of the aforementioned tasks over a wireless connection, so I fail to see how I can be connected via the diagnostics page, but not when I try to print a file through the OS. There is not a physical connection between my machine and the printer, so the other tasks must be connecting through that same Wireless connection. Any suggestions?

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Hmmm, the HP network port always looks for your printer, even if the IP address has changed. First, make sure that any old printer software or drivers are removed. Reboot and try again. Next, use the HP IP address utility that is installed during the installation process.

      Hope this helps.

  25. Joey says:

    I have a new Officejet 4620 that worked for a week or so, although grudgingly. The wireless connection was annoying, and I don’t really need it. Then, it stopped connecting at all, so my wife uninstalled the software and installed it again. Now I am trying to re-connect the printer via USB, it warns me that some features are not available that way and asks if I’m sure. I click yes, and I get a popup that tells me to connect the USB. Only problem is, when I do, nothing happens. I’m never allowed to go on and finish the installation without clicking ” continue the installation without connecting…”. I can only go back and select wireless. SO FRUSTRATED! I have disconnected the USB, powered the printer off, rebooted the computer, and reconnected the USB cable only when prompted; does exactly the same. Can you help?

    • Terry Wirth says:

      The wireless connection should work unless you are having range issues or power outages that make your printer IP address change. This can usually be fixed by running the HP “UPdate IP Address” utility once connected to the wireless network. You can also assign a static (fixed) IP address from the setup menu on the printer control panel to prevent the address from changing if there is another power outage. Then, run the HP “Update IP Address” Utility.

      If WiFi continues to be a PITA, try hooking it up to your WiFi router with a CAT5 Ethernet cable. Then run the HP “Update IP Address” utility.

      If all of the above is not feasible or doesn’t work, you’ll have to go USB direct. Bite the bullet and: 1) uninstall all the software using the HP uninstall utility and then double-check in Control Panel/Uninstall a program; 2) make sure that there are no OJ 4620 printers in the printers and devices folder–if so, remove them; 3) reboot; 4) run the installation software and do not hook up the USB cable until prompted.

      Let me know how you make out.

  26. Joey says:

    Thanks, Terry! It’s working now; I ran the Update IP utility. I couldn’t find the static IP address screen/utility, but it’s working so I’m not going to mess with it. Hopefully it will stay that way. I appreciate it very much.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      That is great! FYI, you can set the static IP from the control panel of the printer using the setup/network menu selection. You can also do it from the embedded web server by typing the IP address onto the address bar of your web browser.

  27. Brittany says:

    I just purchased an HP Officejet 6600 e-All-in-One-Printer, and I have it hooked up and it will scan and print, but it will not let me set it as my default printer? Every time I right click the printer and try to set it as my default printer a thing pops up and says error!?

  28. Linda says:

    I am having trouble downloading the CD for OfficeJet 6600/6700 with a Windows 8 computer. It says that it is not compatible.

    • Terry Wirth says:


      Try downloading it from the Desktop version of Internet Explorer and make sure that you download a version that is compatible with Windows 8. Also, there is a basic version available with scan and print but not all of the other utilities–try that one as well.

  29. Travis says:

    Why do you keep telling people false directions? And you don’t even have one to use so how do you know the instructions you’re telling people are true? Dear everyone, I have this printer and you CANNOT change the setting to print in greyscale or black only. There are a ton of other reviews that confirm this as well (check Amazon). It’s a scam by HP. They have removed that setting so you have to print in color and therefore use the ink cartridges up quicker so you have to rebuy in ink cartridges quicker and they make residual income. That’s really shady. Please do not buy this product.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      In the print driver, you click the “Advanced” button. Under “Printer Features” there is a “Print in Grayscale” drop down where you can select “Off,” “High Quality Grayscale” or “Black Ink Only.” Are you saying that HP removed this from the print driver? If so, dig up an original CD and install an older version of the print driver.

  30. Kathy in GA says:

    My 6600 printer is only 6 months old. It is for home use only. From the get go, I’ve had it set on gray scale. I’ve had to replace all cartridges one by one in the past week. Making 4 trips to Walmart. This is the worst machine in relationship to cost factor I’ve ever owned and wish I had not purchased. The salesman said that I would not have to replace color ink to print in gray scale. False. Terry I have tried to contact corporate by phone to make a formal complaint, but cannot get past tech support. Having to replace all colors before being able to print in grayscale is ridiculous. If I had been given the correct information from the salesman, I would have never purchased this product. Who in their right mind would even consider this product? After two complete changes of all inks, you will pay for this machine over and over. Is there no override for this? What about a cartridge that will mimic color ink so that you can print in gray scale without having to replace color ink so often? Have you people thought of a work around? Maybe a downloadable driver could be provided to fool the printer. Come on. If we can send a man to the moon, why can ‘t you people put your heads together and fix this problem. This leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. I will never purchase another HP printer.

    • Terry Wirth says:


      There’s is indeed a disparity on how each Officejet/Deskjet treats cartridge replacement. We just got done testing a $30 Deskjet and a $50 HP AiO that will let you run any of the cartridges dry with only a click-through warning.
      Also, the salesperson is dead wrong. Grayscale printing still uses color ink, albeit less of it. You best bet it to use “black ink only.”

      In the print driver, you click the “Advanced” button. Under “Printer Features” there is a “Print in Grayscale” drop down where you can select “Off,” “High Quality Grayscale” or “Black Ink Only.” If you do this from the devices and printers folder (right click on the printer and choose “printing preferences”), it will remain the default mode and when you need color, you can select it when you print.

      • Kathy in GA says:

        One more thing I forgot to mention Terry. I know that I have not printed more than 25 pages since I bought this printer. I initially set my preferences to Grayscale, Black Ink Only & Draft before operating it and it still gobbled up the color ink. Not one page of color have I printed. According to Amazon the small cartridge will print at least 300 pages. Not so with my printer. I have spent more than $60. in ink cartridges in the past week to get it up and running again. Please talk to corporate and see if there is a work around or one that can be established. What is the model Number of the AIO Deskjet Printer for $50 you mentioned? Would HP take my $149. Officejet 6600 in exchange the AIO $50 Deskjet Printer? I was completely satisfied with my previous printer, but wanted a wireless printer because of my new HP Laptop.

        • Terry Wirth says:

          Hi Kathy,

          The 300 page cartridge yield is based on the printing of the ISO/IEC 24712 standard document. It represents what experts determined to be a “typical office document.” There is a lot of white space in this five-page document and I estimate that the page coverage ranges from 6-10% per page. If you are printing photos for example (whose area coverage can be 100%), your cartridge yields will be proportionately lower. The same will be true with every printer available and not specific to HP.

          The only thing that you can do to protect yourself in the future is to shop for a printer with the highest ink capacity vs. the lowest cost per cartridge (cartridge cost/page yield) and don’t even think about a color laser printer as their cost per page can easily be twice that of an inkjet printer.

          Sure, this printer and its cartridges will cost more but you will save in spades on the cost of ink, frustration and trips to Staples. Caveat emptor…

  31. irene says:

    I just bought this printer and before I put it together. Does anyone know if it scans through the feeder or do you have to do each individual page allow. Thank you

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Yes, it will automatically scan multiple originals. However, each page will be an individual file unless you specify PDF or multi-page TIFF (not sure if it has this mode).

  32. john009 says:

    Hey i have also faced the same problem. but i resolved the problem with the help of this link.

  33. tony mc galey says:

    Hi Terry,
    I have just bought a HP Officejet 6600 which was working fine but now constantly gives a signal that I am using the wrong paper. The paper is constantly jamming despite the fact it is from the same pack of paper that worked perfectly up until today. The paper is called Uni copy standard A4. Any ideas. I have it set as “plain paper.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Hi Tony,

      This may be attributed to a wrong paper-size setting in the print driver or the printer firmware. You can check/change it: 1) from the printer control panel; 2) your Web browser (enter the printer IP address in the browser bar); 3) the HP system console (click on the printer icon in Start/HP); or 4) printers and devices (right click on printer and select “printing preferences”). The default is probably set to US Letter which means that the extra 0.7″ length of the A4 media is causing things to back up.

      Let me know if this works.

  34. Pete says:

    Hi Terry, you seem to be a bit of an apologist/ shill for HP. How much did they pay you to write the recommendations and tech support you are performing for them. You do realize that the HP 6700 will not operate in only black ink only mode and will deplete your color stocks?

    I hope you sleep well at night. Your opinion is obviously not worth while.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Not a shill but you are otherwise correct. Judging by feedback such as yours and also on our YouTube channel, we definitely need to highlight a printer’s ability to print with empty cartridges in our reports. Also, making prints with empty cartridges varies from one HP model to the next. For example, you can run the OJP 8600 with any remaining ink color. We also spend a lot of time recommending that users print using black ink only in order to save money and frequently tell them how to make this selection. Also note that we have comprehensive test reports on other makes and models of printers as well and you should take a look at them if you haven’t already. Finally, we pay a great amount of attention to CPC and TCO and downgrade printers that have excessively high operating costs.

  35. Gustavo says:

    It is not true. It is the most expensive. You need ro replace the color cartridge without use. The average cost is near of 1 usd per page.

    • Terry Wirth says:


      Please keep in mind that our CPC commentary is based on ISO color page yield where prints contain ~5% area coverage. So, your ink may cost as much as you say if you are printing full-page legal-size photos for example. Nevertheless, HP Officejets always have comparatively low ink costs based on ISO ink yields.

  36. Yojimbo Poontassa Miagra says:

    I am so thankful so many people being so vocal about their dissatisfaction with this model, because of that I was able to snag one for next to nothing, and this thing is a dream come true. I wish I had the money to buy several of them.

    Seems people are not understanding the nature of this design and how it must maintain a healthy and clean environment for the printhead by spending some ink. I can imagine these same people wouldn’t leave their automobile out in the weather without a coat of paint, so I am thankful at their ignorance as to the intelligence of this AiO as far as preserving itself. Perhaps paying more per page with a laser is a better route for them, at least the toner doesn’t evaporate nor is their a print head to corrode when dry, plus the word laser just sounds like serious business…

    Amazingly comprehensive review and report by the way, muchly appreciated!

  37. Dario Arbelaez says:

    All Of a suden my printer doesn’t copy anymore. It doesn’t matter where I place the original. It stays in: “Starting Copy” but it doesn’t copy. What is wrong?

    • Terry Wirth says:


      If it won’t copy from either the DF or the platen, there may be a piece of paper stuck in the paper path. Finally, check the original and paper size settings from the printer control panel.

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