Konica Minolta Adds AutoStore Software for bizhub MFPs

Konica Minolta announced that Notable Solutions’s AutoStore 6.0 document scanning and routing software is immediately available for use with Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs, earning certification in Konica Minolta’s bizhub Extended Solutions Technology (bEST) program

NSi AutoStore 6.0 enables users to capture documents directly from the control panel of bizhub MFPs, and deliver scanned documents directly into line-of-business-applications, as well as more than 32 enterprise content management and document management systems.

This latest version of AutoStore also provides users with intelligent document-workflow tools to capture and distribute paper and electronic documents via two new products included in the suite, NSi WebCapture and NSi Smarticket.

With NSi WebCapture, customers can now use the same AutoStore workflows to move electronic documents from within a Web browser, delivering wider, more mobile access to their business applications from virtually any location.  NSi Smarticket makes the automation of repetitive paper-based tasks simpler and easier. Using a Web browser, managers can easily define a workflow for their team’s documents to travel via a simple wizard interface. Users then employ the resulting “smart” coversheet to automatically route documents. Whether in print or electronic format, the Smarticket coversheet contains the necessary information to deliver business documents to the right place. Additionally, all confidential information is stored on the Smarticket server and not within the barcoded sheet, ensuring data security and adherence to company security policies.

Click here to learn more about AutoStore 6.0 To see AutoStore running on a Konica Minolta bizhub MFP, click here to download the NSi front panel simulator.

“Earning the bEST Partner Certification for AutoStore 6.0 further solidifies our strong partnership with Konica Minolta and enables users to easily leverage AutoStore’s secure document capture capabilities for improved information sharing and responsiveness across their organization,” said Mike Morper, VP of Marketing at NSi. “Working together, NSi and Konica Minolta make it easier for businesses to remove the delays associated with critical business processes and use real-time information to gain a competitive advantage.”

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