Lexmark Previews Easy to Create Mobile Workflow App

Lexmark is previewing a new Mobile Workflows app that enables easy creation of custom mobile workflow solutions for simplifying business processes in healthcare and other industries.

Lexmark’s solution allows business users to easily create custom workflows – such as clinical photo capture, incident reporting, and travel and expense processing – and quickly share them via the mobile workflows app for smartphones and tablets, regardless of the device or its operating system. With the Mobile Workflows app, administrators can:

  • Create many custom workflows and run them all using one app, regardless of the device or operating system.
  • Send custom solutions via e-mail to any mobile device that has the Lexmark mobile workflow app installed.

In this Lexmark video, an administrator creates a mobile workflow app for processing travel expenses. In this example, the app will automate the process of submitting travel-expense receipts to accounting for reimbursement. After creating the app, the administrator e-mails the new app to the mobile device that has the Mobile Workflows solution installed. With the new app, the user just selects the app displayed on their smartphone or tablet PC (in this case, a picture of an airplane), and takes a photo of their receipts with their mobile device’s built-in camera; the photo is then routed via e-mail to accounting.

The new mobile workflow app will be available next quarter.

To learn more about Lexmark’s offerings for the healthcare sector, click here or check out Lexmark’s solutions across all industries here or at www.lexmark.com.

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