Printer Makers Launch Joint Ink- and Toner-Cartridge-Recycling Program for Singapore; Users Will be Able to Drop Off Depleted Cartridges at Libraries

Project Homecoming 1

Five printer vendors, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson and Lexmark, have launched Singapore’s first-ever joint ink- and toner-cartridge recycling program with the support of Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) and National Library Board (NLB). 

The program, called Project Homecoming, is an expansion of a joint ink-cartridge program, called Ink Cartridge Satogaeri, begun in Japan three years ago, and aims to encourage awareness and environmental responsibility among Singaporeans, as well as provide an easier way for printer users to recycle their ink and toner cartridges. 



The program will provide cartridge-recycling bins (right) at 13 NLB public libraries in Singapore, where users can deposit their depleted ink and toner cartridges. Users can deposit any brand cartridge, including those from printer makers not in the Project Homecoming partnership. The cartridges will then be periodically collected by the program’s authorized recyclers for recycling. The recyclers will then break down recyclable parts including plastics and metal. In contrast, users must typically mail back depleted ink and toner cartridges to the vendor in order to have them recycled. The goal is to minimize cartridges’ winding up in landfills, while maximizing recovery of valuable resources.


Ultimately, Project Homecoming is hoping similar cartridge-recycling programs will be instituted throughout the world.


Andrew Koh, lead spokesperson for Project Homecoming and senior director and general manager for Canon Singapore’s Consumer Imaging & Information Products Division, commented, “We aim to bring greater convenience to the public who are keen on making a personal contribution to recycling efforts across the island, and are proud to be working together as a team to jointly fund and promote the culture of recycling in Singapore. With strong support from the NEA and NLB, we will be able to give back to society through this initiative as socially responsible organizations, while driving home the message of environmental awareness through cartridge recycling as part of joint sustainability efforts from the printing industry.”

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